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The Wedding at Cana, a Scene From "Intolerance"

Date: 1916
Description: A crowded scene still from "Intolerance": Christ at the wedding at Cana with Howard Gaye as Christ, and with Bessie Love and George Walsh as the bride and ...

Double Wedding

Date: 01 17 1980
Description: High school students stage a mock double wedding in their Family Living class.

Royal Marriage and Reception by the Sovereign

Date: 1655
Description: Engraving made after a painting by Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues (died 1588) while on the Laudonni√®re Expedition in Florida, ca. 1564.

Marriage Ceremony on Tractors

Date: 12 19 1972
Description: Marriage ceremony on an altar placed between two tractors. Original caption reads: "The American farmer's pride in his profession and his inventiveness was...

Wedding Guests at the Church

Date: 09 08 1957
Description: Guests at the Saalzaa-Ziemer Wedding wait outside the Argyle Methodist Church for the newly wedded couple.

Bride and Groom

Date: 09 1957
Description: The groom offers his arm, while the father of the bridge prepares to step away at the Saalzaa-Ziemer wedding at the Argyle Methodist Church. Watching are t...

Skelton-Hacker Wedding

Date: 02 01 1947
Description: John E. Skelton and Kathleen Hacker wedding ceremony at the altar of St. Raphael's Church, with the Rt. Reverend William Mahoney officiating, the maid of h...

Robert Bloch's Wedding Photograph

Description: A burlesque of the Bloch's marriage, taken shortly after the real ceremony. Left to right: Robert Vail, Robert Bloch, and Marion Bloch. Gauer said at the t...

Couple Receiving Marriage License

Date: 06 13 1952
Description: Dane County marriage license clerk Mercedes Dufour, (left), issues a license to Lucille A. Roth and Amos M. Skogen for their leap year wedding at the East ...

Marriage of George Washington and Martha Curtis

Description: Lithograph of 'The Marriage of George Washington and Martha Curtis, 1759,' by Renier Lemercier in 1854.

Holy Union Ceremony of Brian Bigler and Ken Scott at First Unitarian Society with Minister

Date: 07 22 1995
Description: Holy Union ceremony of Brian Bigler (right) and Ken Scott (left) on July 22, 1995 at the First Unitarian Church, Madison, Wisconsin. This may have been one...

Walking to the Altar

Date: 09 30 1978
Description: Full-length group portrait of a bride and her mother and father walking towards the center aisle of the First Unitarian Society Meeting House as the ceremo...

Bride Walking Down the Aisle

Date: 05 01 1976
Description: A bride walks down the aisle in the United Church of Christ/Congregational Church in Delavan. An usher stands to the right in the background. A painting of...

Dousman Wedding Announcement

Date: 11 19 1873
Description: Nina Lynn Sturgis and Hercules Louis Dousman's wedding announcement, "At Home" card and envelope with an "S" and a "D" intertwined on the flap. The ceremon...

United in Marriage

Date: 10 22 1949
Description: Eunice Lamers and Don Dehn are united in marriage at St. Theresa's Catholic Church.

Frings and Ouellette Wedding

Date: 06 1953
Description: Carol Frings and Dick Ouellette wedding. Father Skalitzke presides over the ceremony.

Reverend Hahm Officiates

Date: 1967
Description: Reverend Hahm officiates at the Rath/Beck wedding. He stands at the altar in front of the bride and groom and three bridesmaids.

Krueger Wedding Party

Date: 06 03 1950
Description: Dorothy Giese and Oliver Krueger wedding.

Sauer Wedding Ceremony

Date: 10 29 1949
Description: Loretta Bodden and Walter Sauer wedding.

Saint Theresa Catholic Church

Date: 10 29 1949
Description: Sauer/Bodden wedding. Nuns on their way to Saint Theresa Catholic Church. Note the cross was damaged in a wind storm.

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