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King Street

Date: 1954
Description: King Street, looking past the Majestic Theater, with the Wisconsin State Capitol in the background.

"Gala Hollywood Premiere" at the Eastwood Theater

Date: 06 23 1934
Description: A crowd is standing on the sidewalk in front of the Eastwood Theater. A sign behind them reads: "Gala Hollywood Premiere." The "Premiere" is of thirty loca...

MGM Traveling Theatre

Date: 08 17 1933
Description: Crowd assembled outside the RKO Orpheum Theatre to watch "Tugboat Annie" on MGM's traveling theatre. Speths Clothing and other businesses in the 200 block ...

State Street and the Wisconsin State Capitol

Date: 1936
Description: State Street view looking east from Johnson Street, towards the Wisconsin State Capitol. On the corner on the left is Glasgow Tailers, and further up the b...

Oxygen Delivery

Date: 11 04 1940
Description: James Robinson and E. Newton of the Professional Pharmacy prepare to load a Linde oxygen tank for home delivery.

The Fox Strand Theatre

Date: 05 20 1930
Description: The exterior of the Fox Strand Theatre on Mifflin Street, with the marquee advertising the "The Arizona Kid."

Commercial National Bank

Date: 03 10 1932
Description: The Commercial National Bank building, on the corner of State and Carroll Streets, housed the bank as well as Mrs. Brown's Beauty Shoppe and Wegener and Ro...

West Mifflin Street and the Parkway Theatre

Date: 08 18 1932
Description: View of the Parkway Theatre marquee down West Mifflin Street, and a sign for the "RKO's Greater Show Season and Merchant's Greater Selling Season" on a lam...

City Hall

Date: 05 05 1934
Description: Madison's City Hall, erected in 1858, and designed by Samuel Hunter Donnel and August Kutzbock. The Parkway Theatre is next door on the left.

Businesses on North Main Street

Date: 1950
Description: View of some of the businesses on North Main Street, including the Strand Theater and Olk Drugs.

Crowd Outside Hub Theatre to See a Film

Date: 1931
Description: Large crowd lined up outside the Hub theatre for a "free farm show" matinee, most likely "Romance of the Reaper". The movie was produced by International H...

Capitol Theatre at Night

Date: 04 17 1928
Description: Elevated view of the Capitol Theatre at night with sign and marquee, located at 209-211 State Street. On the left is the Fred W. Kruse Co., and on the righ...

Capitol City Bank Building

Date: 08 30 1941
Description: Odd-numbered side of the 100 block of King Street, L to R: Majestic Theater at 115-17 King Street, Interstate Finance Corp. at 113 King Street, the entranc...

Parkway Theatre

Date: 02 28 1940
Description: The Parkway Theater with "Grapes of Wrath" display, 6-10 West Mifflin Street.

Kennedy Dairy Wagon

Date: 03 13 1936
Description: View from street of Barney Miller, the driver, feeding hay to Ned, the oldest dairy horse in service in Madison. The horse is hitched to a Kennedy Dairy wa...

Orpheum Theatre Marquee

Date: 10 30 1934
Description: The Orpheum Theatre, 216 State Street, with marquee advertising "Cleopatra" with Claudette Colbert and Warren William.

Capitol Theatre Marquee

Date: 03 10 1934
Description: View across street towards the Capitol Theatre marquee, 209-211 State Street. The signs on the marquee read: "Stage - Shoot the Works - Musical Comedy," "S...

Olsen & Johnson Milking Cows

Date: 04 16 1932
Description: Ole Olson and Chic Johnson milking cows in front of the Orpheum, 216 State Street, promoting their show "Atrocities of 1932" at the Orpheum.

Dodge Boat Advertising "Young Sinners"

Date: 05 23 1931
Description: Madison Motor Car Co. — Tracy Boat Co. Dodge boat, mounted on the back of a truck, with 5 passengers and a sign advertising "Young Sinners." In front of St...

Movie Goers with Boy Scouts and Indian

Date: 11 22 1930
Description: People lined up in front of the Strand Theater, 16 E. Mifflin Street, to see "The Big Trail." Also shows Boy Scouts, their leader and an Indian with a sign...

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