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International D-30 Truck Carrying Vernon's Ginger Ale

Date: 03 10 1938
Description: Two men loading cases of Vernon's ginger ale (soda) on an International D-30 truck in Toronto, Canada.

McCormick-Deering All-Steel Threshers Loaded on Railroad Cars

Date: 05 23 1925
Description: McCormick-Deering all-steel threshers loaded on railroad cars outside International Harvester's West Pullman Works (factory). The factory originally belong...

Man Loading International C-300 Coca-Cola Truck

Date: 10 21 1936
Description: Delivery man loading bottle cases of Coca-Cola soda onto the open bed of an International C-300 delivery truck.

Workers Load Tractors for Shipment at IHC Tractor Works

Date: 04 12 1923
Description: Workers lowering McCormick-Deering 10-20 HP tractors onto railroad cars for shipment using an overhead crane at International Harvester's Tractor Works.

Workers Load Tractors onto Railroad Cars at IHC Tractor Works

Date: 1930
Description: Workers using an overhead crane to load new McCormick-Deering tractors (including the 10-20 and possibly the I-20) onto railroad cars outside International...

Workers Load Wagon Components onto Railroad Car

Date: 04 17 1918
Description: Workers loading wooden crates containing components for wagons or possibly "machine gun carts" onto railroad cars at International Harvester's McCormick Wo...

McCormick Works Railroad Yard

Date: 09 09 1912
Description: Elevated view of a man standing near railroad cars which appear to be loaded with coal and ore inside IHC's McCormick Works railroad yard. Other men are wo...

Loading Dock at McCormick Factory(?)

Date: 1900
Description: Wagons loaded with wood along a loading dock outside an agency or factory of the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company.

McCormick Implements Boxed and Ready for Shipment

Date: 1909
Description: View of a McCormick Little 4 mower and two Folding Daisy reapers boxed and ready for shipment from IHC's McCormick Works. The boxes are stamped with destin...

Madison McCormick Dealership

Date: 1899
Description: McCormick Harvesting Machine Company dealership operated by general agent J.G. Coleman. Built in 1898, with a frontage on Blount Street of 40 feet and 116 ...

International Harvester Branch House — Madison

Date: 10 25 1919
Description: Exterior of an International Harvester Company branch house building at 301 South Blount Street.

International B-4 Truck carrying Kingsbury Pale Beer

Date: 06 23 1933
Description: Men loading crates of Kingsbury Pale Beer onto an International B-4 truck outside the Kingsbury Beverage Company. The truck had a 170-inch wheelbase. The w...

New DeSoto Automobiles

Date: 01 07 1946
Description: Four men posing with the first shipment of new 1946 DeSoto automobiles as they come off a train onto a loading dock for Stadium Garage, 1501 Monroe Street,...

Oscar Mayer Salesmen

Date: 11 09 1945
Description: Group portrait of Oscar Mayer Company salesmen in front of the loading dock, 910 Mayer Avenue.

Tractor-Truck Unloading Paper

Date: 01 19 1939
Description: Men with tractor-truck unloading large rolls of paper at the Wisconsin State Journal, 115 South Carroll Street. Grace Episcopal Church, 110 W. Washington, ...

Green & Company Truck

Date: 04 30 1936
Description: Three men loading seed sacks into Green & Company Ford semi-trailer truck at Olds Seed Co. loading dock, 722 Williamson Street. Sign on truck reads: "Green...

Olds Seed Company Trucks

Date: 01 29 1936
Description: Three men loading two L.L. Olds Seed Co. trucks with out-going mail, at 722 Williamson Street.

Kroger Warehouse Railroad Siding and Loading Dock

Date: 08 07 1934
Description: Kroger Grocery and Baking Company produce warehouse, 634 West Washington Avenue, view of the railroad siding and loading dock.

Kroger Grocery and Baking Co. Loading Dock

Date: 12 23 1931
Description: Madison branch of Kroger Grocery and Baking Co., 634-636 W. Main Street, loading dock.

Fauerbach Brewery

Date: 08 12 1931
Description: Interior of Fauerbach Brewery, looking towards what may be a loading dock.

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