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Dickey Chapelle Covering Operation Inland Seas

Date: July 1959
Description: Dickey Chapelle, photographer, on the same Milwaukee beach where she learned to swim as a young girl. She was covering "Operation Inland Seas" celebrating...

Rafts Below Dam

Date: 1886
Description: A fleet of rafts on the Wisconsin River below the Kilbourn dam.

Ice Fishing on Lake Superior

Date: 1942
Description: Two men and two boys standing on ice in front of a windsled. All four are holding lake trout.

Raftsman's Series No. 1403: The Fleet Just Below The Dam In The Dells

Date: 1886
Description: Stereograph view of several groups of men on rafts loaded with felled trees.

Raftsman's Series No. 1432 : Running The Kilbourn Dam, On Board The Raft

Date: 1886
Description: Stereograph of a man on a lumber raft steering the raft through the rapids in the Wisconsin Dells. Caption at bottom: The Camera's Story of Raftman's Life...

Goodrich, Graham and Morton Steamship Lines

Date: 1926
Description: The cover from the 1926 schedule lists the ports of call for the Goodrich fleet and features a drawing of the "Alabama".

Raft Fleet Below Dam

Date: 1886
Description: A fleet of rafts on the Wisconsin River below the Kilbourn dam.

Lumber Rafts in Narrows

Date: 1887
Description: Two lumber rafts with men aboard floating down the Wisconsin River.

McCormick Works

Date: 1911
Description: International Harvester's McCormick Works on the river with railroad tracks and a cargo dock. The factory was owned by the McCormick Harvesting Machine Com...
Map or Atlas

La Crosse, Wis.

Date: 1873
Description: Bird's-eye map of La Crosse from the Mississippi River.
Book or Pamphlet

Artesian Stock Farm

Date: 1884
Description: Bird's-eye view drawing of the grounds of Villa Louis, the estate of the fur trading Dousman family. After the death of H. Louis Dousman's mother in 1882,...

Aerial View of Superior

Date: 1960
Description: Aerial view with docks in the foreground. Caption reads: "Superior, Wisconsin."

Wisconsin River Shoreline

Date: 1880
Description: Elevated view of the Wisconsin River shoreline, showing lumber rafts "tied up over Sunday."

Fox and Montello Rivers

Date: 1900
Description: Elevated view from the south. The Fox River is in the foreground with the dam just visible in the lower right. The lock is seen in the center; the Montello...

"Skater" and "Perhaps" at Mission Dock

Date: 1910
Description: Ferry boat "Skater" and sailboat "Perhaps" near the Mission Dock. A group of people are waiting on the dock for the "Skater" to arrive. There is a boy carr...

Raftsman's Series Unnumbered: Going Through the Rapids

Date: 1886
Description: Stereograph of a man on the end of the raft as he prepares to pass through the water's rough rapids.

Raftsman's Series Unnumbered: Rigging a Rope

Date: 1886
Description: Stereograph of a man as he rigs a rope around a log on a lumber raft.

Goodrich Transportation Co. Advertisement

Date: 1878
Description: Advertising card for Goodrich Transportation Company listing destinations and departure times. In the center of the advertisement is a drawing of a sidewhe...

Duck Entering Lake Delton

Date: 1965
Description: Amphibious vehicle known as a Duck splashes into Lake Delton as it carries passengers on a tour of the Wisconsin Dells.

Festival Faucets

Date: April 23 1970
Description: A group using water faucets connected to a milk tanker associated with "Dobson Milk Transit" while the festival stage and other amenities are still under c...

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