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Mendota Beach School

Date: 1922
Description: View from front of classroom of children sitting in desks at the elementary school health program, blowing their noses.

Bathing Baby in Tub

Date: 1937
Description: Dr. Hunter of the Wisconsin Board of Health bathes a baby in a tub of water.

Rural School Health Parade and Festival

Date: 05 1928
Description: School children and teachers from Lemont township marching in a rural school festival parade. The children are dressed in white cloaks and hats bearing a m...

First Aid at Osborne Works Twine Mill

Date: 1910
Description: A nurse treating the hand of a female worker in what appears to be a doctor's office or nurse's station at International Harvester's Osborne Twine Mill. Th...

Workers in McCormick Works Doctors' Office

Date: 1930
Description: Workers receiving treatment from of two doctors and a nurse in a medical office or hospital room at International Harvester's McCormick Works. The McCormic...

Sewage Disposal Plant's Sprinkling Filters

Date: 1916
Description: The sprinkling filters under construction at the sewage disposal plant.

Medical Office at Auburn Works

Date: 1912
Description: Factory worker having his chest examined by a doctor inside a medical office at International Harvester's Auburn Works (formerly known as "Osborne Works")....

Tea Time

Date: 05 08 1934
Description: Maple Bluff Country Club afternoon tea. Left to right: Mrs. John Stephan, Mrs. J.E. O'Connell, and Mrs. Theodore Lewis, President of the women's organizati...

Walk-Over Shoe Store Display Window

Date: 03 29 1934
Description: Walk-Over Shoe Store, 8 E. Mifflin Street, display window for National Foot Health Week with National Recovery Administration sign.

Stacy and Stacy Chiropractic Sign

Date: 12 15 1933
Description: Sign hanging from front porch for Stacy and Stacy Chiropractors, 332 W. Washington Avenue, J. Clifford Stacy and Mary E. Stacy practitioners. The sign read...

The Health Of The Child Is The Power Of The Nation

Date: 1918
Description: A group of children walking up a grassy hill together, with text that reads: "The health of the child is the power of the nation," and "Children's Year." C...

Keep Well to Win!

Date: 1942
Description: Poster showing a man eating a balanced meal and getting plenty of sleep in order to help win the war. The poster was printed for the Labor-Management Produ...

Tuberculosis Patient

Date: 11 15 1949
Description: Doris (Mrs. Edward) Trameri being x-rayed by Dr. James M. Wilkie for tuberculosis at the free chest clinic operated by the Madison Department of Public Hea...

Ojibwa Herbalist

Description: An Ojibwa herbalist prepares medicine and treats a patient. From the "Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology J.W. Powell Director 1885-1886" page 159.

Attic Angels Association Volunteers at Well Child Center

Date: 04 19 1955
Description: Members of Attic Angels Association volunteering at the Well Child Center, Wisconsin Neurological Foundation, 1954 East Washington Avenue. Included are Nan...

Dr. F.F. Bowman

Date: 05 18 1944
Description: Dr. F.F. Bowman, Madison health officer for the past sixteen years.

Ozone Alert

Date: 1980
Description: On hot summer days, automobile emissions cause an increase in ground level ozone that can be harmful to health. In Wisconsin, the ozone problem is most acu...

Colorado and Asthma Pamphlet Cover

Date: 1874
Description: Front cover design of a pamphlet entitled "Colorado and Asthma".

Wisconsin General Hospital Room

Date: 02 08 1945
Description: Wisconsin General Hospital room with two patients and a medical aide in crowded conditions.

"First Aid Rooms" Factory Safety Poster

Date: 1916
Description: A poster or signboard showing six first aid rooms at six different International Harvester factory and office locations: Champion Works, Akron Works Dispen...

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