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Rentschler Truck at Greenhouse

Date: April 16 1936
Description: Man holding long stem rose box beside Rentschler Floral Co. delivery truck. He is parked in front of Rentschler greenhouse office building, located at 2500...

John Walker

Date: June 15 1933
Description: John Walker, father of 16 children, standing outside a greenhouse with a pipe in his mouth.

Agronomy Wing Under Construction

Date: April 01 1931
Description: Constructing the foundation for the Agronomy wing (Moore Hall) to the Horticulture Building, 1575 Linden Drive, University of Wisconsin, Arthur Peabody, St...

Girl with Easter Lily

Date: March 30 1931
Description: Ruth Jordan holding an Easter lily plant in Smith-Knox Floral Co. greenhouse, 2023 Sherman Avenue.

Easter Lily Display

Date: March 30 1931
Description: Ruth Jordan standing behind a display of Easter lily plants in Smith-Knox Floral Co. greenhouse, 2023 Sherman Avenue.

Growing Rice in Greenhouse

Date: October 1926
Description: Growing rice in University of Wisconsin-Madson horticultural greenhouse.

Mobil Gas Station

Date: June 16 1955
Description: Daytime view of Robert Bloxxom's Mobil gas station, 3702 East Washington Avenue and Highway 51. Includes the Mobil red horse on a pole. Background includes...

Mullin's Flowers Greenhouse

Date: March 04 1953
Description: Schade & Cecelia Mullin's Flowers, 1044 South Park Street,. Interior view of the greenhouse showing potted plants.

Hillside Home School Greenhouse

Description: Exterior view of the greenhouse on the Hillside Home School grounds.

University of Wisconsin-Madison Greenhouse

Date: January 08 1947
Description: Man with plants in a University of Wisconsin-Madison greenhouse.

Thordarson Estate

Description: View across lawn or field of numerous buildings on Chester Thordarson's estate. There are greenhouses on the left.

R-120 Truck at Nursery

Date: 1953
Description: Color photograph of a man unloading a burlap bag onto the back of an International R-120 pickup truck in front of "Toll Gate Nursery."

University Heights Neighborhood

Date: 1913
Description: View looking southwest at the University Heights neighborhood from near the corner of University Avenue and Breese Terrace. In the foreground is the Univer...

Alexander Mitchell House

Date: 1900
Description: House at Ninth Street and Grand Avenue. A large lawn is in the foreground. The main building is centered with a tower on the left corner. Separate build...

Alexander Mitchell House

Date: 1889
Description: Ninth Street and Grand Avenue. House sits behind trees and a lawn. The main house is in the center, and a greenhouse, with a domes roof, branches off the...

Gray Ladies of the Dane County Red Cross

Date: November 01 1948
Description: Mrs. J.H. Svendsen, a volunteer Gray Lady of the Dane County Red Cross, shown tending patient's plants in the greenhouse at the Mendota hopsital for the me...

College of Agriculture on Campus

Date: 1899
Description: University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Agriculture, looking southeast. Fences and fields are in the foreground. There are two windmills near buildings...

Aerial View of Birge and Bascom Halls

Date: 1956
Description: Aerial view of Birge and Bascom Halls (formerly Main Hall) on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. Birge Hall (foreground) with addition under cons...

Professor G. William Longenecker in a Greenhouse

Date: February 08 1949
Description: University of Wisconsin professor of horticulture G. William Longenecker with cyclamen plants in a greenhouse.

Horticulture Building

Date: 1904
Description: University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Agriculture. The building stands on the right, with attached greenhouses on the left. A smokestack is behind the...

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