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Black Eagle Gas Station

Date: 1948
Description: The Black Eagle gas station, 907 South Park Street.

Taylor's Super Service Gas Station

Date: 01 06 1939
Description: View from street towards two men filling the gas tanks of a car and truck at Jack D. Taylor's Super Service Station, 751-753 Williamson Street. This Art De...

Clifford Co-operative Association

Date: 06 1947
Description: Exterior view of Clifford Co-operative Association, which was organized in 1906 by a group of Finnish farmers.

Central Parking Garage Exterior

Date: 12 01 1932
Description: Exterior front view of the Central Parking Garage at 13-15 South Webster Street showing four gas pumps in front. Property owned by George Gill, business op...

Intersection of Highway 51 and Cottage Grove Road

Date: 09 30 1933
Description: Gas station in a Trachte building on the corner of Highway 51 (Monona Drive) and Highway 30 (Cottage Grove Road). A "Johnson Winged 70 Gasoline" pump is in...

Texaco Service Station

Date: 08 07 1929
Description: A Texaco service station located on the corner of University Avenue and Lake Street. The station replaced a home laundry service pictured in a 1927 McVicar...

Riley-Bremer-Riley Garage

Date: 10 11 1930
Description: The Riley-Bremer-Riley Oldsmobile garage on E. Doty Street began as the Riley Livery Stable when horse-drawn transportation reigned and then transitioned t...

Diamond Gas Station

Date: 04 23 1935
Description: Diamond Service Station, 118 King Street (Mid-Continent Petroleum Corp.), looking up King Street toward the Wisconsin State Capitol, with a partial view of...

International Motor Truck Dealership and Service Station

Date: 1935
Description: International motor truck dealership and service station of E. Earl Shade. Also attached is a gas station island with Purol Pep and Conoco pumps. The stati...

International Model F Trucks Parked Along City Street

Date: 1917
Description: Two International 1 1/2 ton Model F trucks parked along an urban residential street. The trucks were owned and operated by Standard Oil Company and carried...

Service Station Attendant with International Scout

Date: 1961
Description: Bonded service station attendant loading a tire into the back of a 1961 International Scout convertible pickup owned by the station.

Automobile Service Stations

Date: 12 29 1928
Description: Two automobile service stations located on opposite sides of the street with stacks of tires, gas pumps and Penzoil signs.

International Gas Truck Refueling Airplane

Date: 08 10 1929
Description: Workers refueling an airplane from an International gas truck as a small crowd is looking on. The airplane was owned by Western Canada Airways. The truck w...

Refueling a Tri-Motor

Date: 1936
Description: Refueling a Ford Tri-Motor airplane. Because gasoline truck hoses did not have pumps, airplanes were refueled by filling 5-gallon cans and then lifting the...

Gasoline Station in Early Morning Fog

Date: 08 20 1961
Description: Street scene with a Shell gasoline station, the Kitty Korner Kafe, and a phone booth in early morning fog.

Gasoline Station

Date: 10 13 1963
Description: Gasoline station, with Standard Oil Products and Champion signs, in old false front building.

Racing Souvenir

Date: 1935
Description: A souvenir postcard from the 1935 National Model Airplane Championship that featured illustrations of racing planes powered by Shell aviation gasoline such...

Shawano Airport

Date: 1951
Description: Shawano Municipal Airport and airport managers Jack and Dorothy Wussow. In 1954 the Wussows gave up cold weather flying to become managers of an airport in...

Refueling, Wisconsin Air National Guard

Date: 1963
Description: A KC-97 of the 126th Refueling Squadron, Wisconsin Air National Guard, refueling an F-84 fighter over eastern Wisconsin.

Philgas Employees

Date: 08 25 1945
Description: Portraits of three Philgas Corporation employees in uniform.

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