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Indian Duck Hunting

Description: Watercolor of Canadian Prairie Indian at lake's shore with gun in hand and a recently hunted duck on the ground. A dog is at his feet. On the far shoreline...

Buddy Tolan with Live Turkey

Date: 11 28 1934
Description: Buddy Tolan, 4, of 1726 Helena Street, dressed in snowsuit sitting on a box looking at a live turkey.

Men and the Spoils of Hunting

Date: 11 11 1933
Description: Four men posing with their dog and hunting trophies — moose, deer, bear, and fish hanging in the farmyard.

Mrs. Homer Stone Holding Turkey

Date: 11 16 1932
Description: Mrs. Homer Stone holding a 28 lb "Holland White" turkey.

Felton Gun Store

Date: 04 29 1932
Description: Interior of Felton Gun Store, located at 120 E. Washington Avenue, with elk, deer, and mountain goat heads mounted on the wall among the firearms and hunti...

Hunting Party

Date: 1920
Description: A group of men stand with rifles at the Echo Lake Hunting Club Camp. Gutted deer hang to cure outside the cabin.

Family with Carriage in Yard

Date: 1876
Description: A family stands around a carriage in the yard of a two-story frame house with bay window and multiple additions. Vines grow on the side of the front porch ...

Traps for Small Game

Description: Illustration of wooden trap for small animals.

Hunting Party by Train

Date: 1912
Description: A deer hunting party pose with carcasses and supplies by a train on the C. St. P. M. & O. railroad.

Walter Dahl with Game and Dog

Description: Walter Dahl with game birds strung around his neck. He is holding a rifle, and a young dog stands next to him.

Rexair Company Employees

Date: 11 25 1947
Description: Group portrait of Rexair (vacuum cleaner) Company male and female employees in the Pompeii Room of the Loraine Hotel, with a live turkey and a poster that ...

International Truck Advertising Proof

Date: 09 1953
Description: Advertising proof created by Young and Rubicam for the International Harvester Company. Features an illustration of a man and a dog hunting geese with the ...

Pheasant Banding

Date: 03 07 1945
Description: Robert McCabe, University of Wisconsin Arboretum biologist, and Jim Hale, his assistant, study the band on one of the pheasants caught in the trap in the b...

Pioneer Village

Description: Large area of stuffed wild animals indoors at Pioneer Village.

Stoeber Hunting Party

Date: 10 28 1945
Description: Stoeber hunting party. Three men are posed with assorted game.

Joe McCarthy Cooking

Date: 11 1946
Description: Recently-elected Senator Joseph R. McCarthy tasting a favorite recipe for pheasant during vacation.

Woman with Dead Geese

Description: Studio portrait in front of a painted backdrop of a woman dressed in a fur coat and wearing a hat standing next to a display of defeathered geese.

Children and Their Pets

Date: 04 02 1949
Description: Eight-year-old Mary Katherine Westover, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. E.F. (Marguerite) Westover, 3306 Topping Road, with her special pet, a tame mallard duck a...

Middleton Sportsmen's Club Pheasant Release

Date: 04 01 1951
Description: Five men in outdoor clothing holding and placing live pheasants into a large bag. The Middleton Sportsmen's Club released about 150 pheasants at different ...

Middleton Sportsmen's Club Pheasant Release

Date: 04 01 1951
Description: Ted Ziegler releasing a pheasant into a rural field. The Middleton Sportsmen's Club raised pheasants from chicks in its brooder house and pens for later re...

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