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Wisconsin State Capitol Interior — Assembly Detail

Date: 02 15 1899
Description: Detail of the Assembly Chamber photograph, showing the visitors' gallery, the oversize brackets that supported it, and the ornamentation of the gallery. As...

Hillside Gallery, Taliesin Fellowship Complex

Description: The second floor gallery at Hillside, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, at the Taliesin Fellowship Complex. Models and drawings of projects designed by Wrigh...

Elvehjem Museum of Art

Date: 1973
Description: Interior view of the Elvehjem Museum of Art on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus at 800 University Avenue. One of the Brittingham Galleries, with ...

Layton Art Gallery

Description: Stereograph from street of Layton Art Gallery. There are pedestrians on the sidewalk and front steps. One young boy is riding a tricycle.

Our Lady of the Valley

Date: 1950
Description: Two Trappist monks pray at the Stations of the Cross hanging on a hallway wall in abbey of Our Lady of the Valley. A statue of the Madonna and Child is sit...

Hotel Victory

Date: 1905
Description: Elevated view of Hotel Victory. The hotel has an inner courtyard, towers, and flags flying on top of the towers. People are milling around the building and...

The Whitehall Hotel

Date: 1902
Description: Elevated view of tables in an arcade in the Whitehall Hotel. Each table is covered in cloth, set with plates and glassware, and decorated with a vase of fl...

The Breakers Hotel, from Garden Pier

Date: 1916
Description: View of the Breakers Hotel taken from the Garden Pier. A pavilion and rows of wooden benches stand to the left and a sign advertises "Luigi Valeno's Band."...

"Indian Buffalo Hunt"

Date: 1907
Description: View of the statue, "Indian Buffalo Hunt," by Henry Bush-Brown. The sculpture was exhibited at the Jamestown Exposition.

Inauguration Ceremony

Date: 01 1985
Description: Inauguration ceremony in which Dwight York was sworn into the Assembly.

State Historical Society, Gallery 405

Date: 1901
Description: Gallery 405 in the museum of the State Historical Society. Interior showing paintings on the walls, and a skylight in the ceiling.

Layton Art Gallery

Date: 1888
Description: View across street towards the facade of the original Layton Art Gallery building at 758 N. Jefferson Street. Two men stand at the top of the stairs betwee...

Two Models For ROAL Style Show

Date: 04 28 1964
Description: Two women wearing dresses and white gloves are posing by a railing inside the Wisconsin State Capitol building. They are wives of military reserve officers...

Madison Art Association 's Galleries Featuring "Banners U.S.A."

Date: 09 16 1964
Description: Many patrons of the arts gathered in the former Lincoln School, 720 East Gorham Street, for the gala opening night of the Madison Art Association's galleri...

Art Gallery

Date: 12 2013
Description: Postmodern works of art hanging, somewhat chaotically, on a corner wall. There are photographs of people combined with found object sculptures. Other sculp...

The Potter's Gallery

Date: 06 2014
Description: Display in a gallery of handmade ceramic bowls, vases, and vessels on open wooden shelves. Behind the shelves, pictures are displayed on the walls, and the...

Exhibition of the Photographic Work of Paul Vanderbilt

Date: 10 28 2014
Description: A man standing and observing photographs on display on the wall of the James Watrous Gallery. The photography is black and white, showing images of buildin...

Forest Middleton

Date: 1918
Description: Forest Middleton, in his U.S. Navy dress blues uniform, posing on the lawn of the 1758 Old Barracks in Trenton, New Jersey. On the right is a two and one h...

Paintings in the Studio Gallery

Date: 06 06 2015
Description: Larry Welo's paintings and etchings hanging on the wall in his studio gallery. One of the paintings is of a snow-covered landscape, and is displayed on a p...

Wisconsin State Capitol "Resources of Wisconsin" Mural

Description: Three men are posing in front of the "Resources of Wisconsin" mural. The only room in New York City with proper lighting and space large enough for Edwin B...

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