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Map of the Route of the Military Road from Fort Crawford to Fort Howard Via Fort Winnebago

Date: 1936
Description: This map is red and black ink on tracing cloth and is oriented with north to the upper left. This hand-drawn map shows a central portion of the military ro...

Wilkins 12: Fort Childs or New Fort Kearny

Date: 1849
Description: Fort Childs or New Fort Kearny in Nebraska Sketched by Wilkins on his 151-day journey from Missouri to California on the Overland Trail (also known as the ...

Fort Howard

Date: 1851
Description: A rare photograph of U.S. Army soldiers stationed at Fort Howard rowing a boat on the Fox River. Fort Howard, built in 1816, was the first in the chain of ...

Indians Fighting at Fort Mackenzie

Date: 08 28 1833
Description: Indians fighting at Fort Mackenzie (Montana).

View of the Great Treaty Held at Prairie du Chien

Date: 09 1825
Description: Treaty at Prairie du Chien, with Fort Crawford seen in the background. This treaty negotiated between Governor William Clark and Governor Lewis Cass and ov...

Wilkins 10: Old Fort Kearney

Date: 05 1849
Description: Old Fort Kearney (Nebraska City). Sketched by Wilkins on his 151-day journey from Missouri to California on the Overland Trail (also known as the Oregon Tr...

Fort Howard dans La Grand Baie Verte (Ouisconsin)

Date: 1842
Description: This hand-colored lithograph of the second Fort Howard, with Indians canoeing on the Fox River, shows the hospital built 1834-1835 outside the stockade on ...

Wisconsin Heavy Artillery at Fort Sherman

Date: 1864
Description: Elevated view of Battery C, 1st Regiment, Wisconsin Heavy Artillery at Fort Sherman, shown here after the battles of Missionary Ridge and Lookout Mountain....

First Fort Crawford

Date: 10 1829
Description: Fort Crawford as drawn by Seth Eastman. People are in a canoe in the river in the foreground. Across the river is the fort, other buildings around the fort...

Old Fort Crawford

Date: 1817
Description: Elevated view of Old Fort Crawford. Caption reads: "Log Fort Crawford 1816-1829 Sketch Made From, Maj. S.H. Long's Description of 1817."

View of the Butte des Morts Treaty Ground, with the arrival of the Commissioners Gov. Lewis Cass and Col. McKenny

Date: 1835
Description: Little Lake Butte Des Morts just north of Lake Winnebago where Governor Lewis Cass of Michigan, and Thomas McKenney, head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (...

Wilkins 18: Fort Laramie

Date: 06 24 1849
Description: Original wash drawing of Fort Laramie, Wyoming (actually Fort John; see note below). Sketched by Wilkins on his 151-day journey from Missouri to California...

Voyageurs at Fort William

Date: 1860
Description: Nine men arrive at Fort William by canoe. Fort William, also called Kaministiguia, was the Hudson's Bay fur trading post. Men are standing along the opposi...

Old Fort Winnebago

Date: 1834
Description: Reproduction of an oil painting of Fort Winnebago, which was built in 1827 by Major William Whistler and a detachment of the First Infantry. Caption reads:...

Construction of Fort Crawford

Date: 1940
Description: Photograph of a painting by Cal Peters depicting construction of the first Fort Crawford at Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin in 1816. In the painting, several o...

Surrender of Black Hawk

Date: 1940
Description: Photograph of a painting by Cal Peters depicting the surrender of Black Hawk at Fort Crawford in 1832.

Fort Washington

Date: 1790
Description: Fort Washington, built in 1789, where Cincinnati now stands.

French Trench

Description: A French trench. Captioned: "Notice the workmanship on this French trench - and imagine the water in the springtime."

Passage for Attack

Description: Dirt stairs through the trench wall. Captioned: "Passages up which troops rush for an attack."

Fort Crawford

Date: 1840
Description: Photograph of a painting of the second Fort Crawford, built 1829-1835. Two men are in a boat in the water in the foreground. The first Fort Crawford at Pra...

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