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Trout Fishing on Brule River

Description: View from shoreline towards eight men trout fishing on the Brule River.

Julia Barton Residence

Date: 05 23 1948
Description: Exterior view of the home of Julia Barton at 14 South Broom Street.

Indian Log Drivers

Date: 1899
Description: View along shoreline towards Indian log drivers, two in a bateau, and one man standing on the bank of the Chippewa River.

Interior of Congregational Church

Date: 1913
Description: Interior of Congregational Church located on the Mission grounds at La Pointe. Shows the walls covered with vegetation, and pews and an altar.
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McCormick Catalog Cover

Date: 01 1901
Description: Lithograph cover illustration in a mosaic styled design for the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company catalog of a woman holding a miniature McCormick grain...

Lone Fisherman

Description: View across water towards Laurie Peterson, son of the photographer, fishing from a rock on a misty morning near the family home.

Stand Rock

Description: Stand Rock from the east.
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Winnebago Wigwam

Date: 1884
Description: Indians standing and sitting near wigwams. Four wigwam frames are covered, with the one on the right uncovered, with a campfire inside. In the distance are...

Wrecked and Abandoned Automobiles in Pasture

Date: 05 16 1962
Description: Wrecked and abandoned automobiles in a hidden rural hollow.

Civil War Army Post Office

Date: 08 1864
Description: Soldiers relax around the Army Post Office at the quarters of the Chief Ambulance Officer, Ninth Army Corps.

Plant-Covered Front Porch

Date: 1915
Description: Plant-covered front porch and steps of a house. Original caption reads: "National Cash Register Co., Dayton, Ohio."

Milwaukee Harvester Company Advertising Card

Date: 1894
Description: Advertising card for the Milwaukee Harvester Company featuring a chromolithograph illustration of a woman holding a tree branch.

Geology Club

Date: 06 03 1938
Description: Group portrait men, and one woman, of University of Wisconsin Geology Club next to Science Hall.

Botkin House, Tripp Hall Residents

Date: 06 02 1937
Description: Group portrait of University of Wisconsin, Tripp Hall, Botkin House male residents.

Zeta Beta Tau Christmas Formal

Date: 12 14 1935
Description: A group portrait of the Zeta Beta Tau Christmas formal, 216 Langdon Street, with two girls holding ZBT plaques with its crest.

Vilas House, Tripp Hall Residents

Date: 10 10 1934
Description: Outdoor group portrait of students living in Vilas House, Tripp Hall, 1220 Linden Drive at the University of Wisconsin.

Fuller and Johnson Co. Booth

Date: 07 07 1934
Description: Inside the Fuller and Johnson Co. tent at the Outdoor Expo, rustic scene featuring 4 Caille outboard motors. "Caille the only outboards with gear shift con...

Nettie Livingston

Date: 06 08 1934
Description: Outdoor portrait of Nettie Livingston, 1205 Vilas Avenue, who works as a maid at Wisconsin General Hospital, hopes to win a vacation at the Bowman House, a...

Central High School Entrance

Date: 12 09 1933
Description: View of the Central High School entrance arch at 214 Wisconsin Avenue. Ivy is growing around the entrance, and is obscuring the carved letters of "High Sch...

Jenny Justo Saying Goodbye to Her Dog

Date: 05 15 1933
Description: Jenny Justo, 921 Spring Street, saying goodbye to her dog before leaving for a year in the Milwaukee jail.

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