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Peshtigo Fire

Date: 11 25 1871
Description: Engraved view of Peshtigo Fire showing people trying to escape the flames by boat and on horseback. A team of cattle also seek refuge and several birds tak...

Pehriska-Ruhpa, Minitarri Warrior in the Costume of the Dog Dance

Date: 1832
Description: Pehriska-Ruhpa. Minatarre warrior with bow and arrow in the costume of the dog dance.
Book or Pamphlet

Naw-Kaw or Wood

Date: 1838
Description: Naw-Kaw or Wood. Hand-colored lithograph from History of the Indian Tribes of North America.

Mac-Cut-I-Mish-E-Ca-Cu-Cac or Black Hawk, a Celebrated Sac (Sauk) Chief

Date: 1833
Description: Mac-Cut-I-Mish-E-Ca-Cu-Cac or Black Hawk, a celebrated Sac (Sauk) Chief. Hand-colored lithograph from the Aboriginal Portfolio, drawn at Detroit (1833).

Dr. Laura Ross Wolcott

Date: 09 06 1882
Description: Engraving of Dr. Laura Ross Wolcott, the first president of the Woman Suffrage Movement in Milwaukee.

Indians Fighting at Fort Mackenzie

Date: 08 28 1833
Description: Indians fighting at Fort Mackenzie (Montana).

Peshtigo Congregational Church

Date: 1871
Description: Wood engraving of the Congregationalist Church in Peshtigo. From the book "Sketch Of The Great Fires In Wisconsin".

Peshtigo Schoolhouse

Date: 1871
Description: Photographic print of a wood engraving of a schoolhouse and children in Peshtigo. From the book "Sketch of the Great Fire In Peshtigo."

Brule River Battle

Date: 1845
Description: Illustration of Chippewa and Sioux Indians battling each other at the Brule River. Wood engraving from Armstrong, "Early Life Among The Indians."

Delegation of Indians to Washington, D.C.

Date: 06 24 1852
Description: Illustration of the Washington, D.C. Delegation of Indians. Five Indians pose with a man in a beard and suit. From Benjamin Armstrong, "Early Life Among Th...

New Science Hall, Chemical Laboratory & Machine Shop

Date: 1887
Description: Engraving of an elevated view of Science Hall, Chemical Laboratory and Machine Shop on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.

La Follette, Sr. Engraving

Date: 1904
Description: An engraved head and shoulders portrait of Robert M. La Follette, Sr., during the period when he was the governor of Wisconsin.

Peshtigo Fire Drawing

Date: 1871
Description: Drawing of the Peshtigo Fire, showing people seeking refuge in the Peshtigo River.

A Fur Trader in the Council Tepee

Date: 02 1892
Description: Engraving of a fur trader standing in the middle of a circle of seated Indians in their council tepee.

Voyageurs in Camp for the Night

Date: 03 1892
Description: Engraving of voyageurs gathered around a fire at their camp.

Colonel Theodor C. Rodolf

Date: 1881
Description: Quarter-length engraving of Colonel Theodor C. Rodolf.

Retreat of the Indians with their Prisoners

Description: Photograph of an engraving from an unknown source depicting a group of Native American warriors herding white captives along a trail. A building burns in t...

General Atkinson's Victory over Black Hawk

Date: 1845
Description: Engraving depicting the defeat of Black Hawk by General Henry Atkinson at the Battle of Bad Axe on August 2, 1832. The engraving depicts Federal Regulars a...

Saukie and Fox Indians

Description: Hand-tinted plate depicting Sauk and Fox Indians on a beach near St. Louis drawn by Karl Bodmer, engraved by Vogel, printed by Bougeard, published by J. Ho...

Champion Harvester and Binder

Date: 1882
Description: Advertising handbill for the Champion harvester and binder. Includes the text: "the Champion light binder, is the only simple, light, durable, efficient wo...

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