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W.J. Hyland Plumbing Truck

Date: 1920
Description: Ford truck of Madison plumber W.J. Hyland parked outdoors.

Railroad Tunnel

Date: 1924
Description: View from railroad tracks through covered railroad tunnel in hill. A sign on a telephone pole on the right reads: "Private Property / Thoroughfare / Keep O...

Railroad Depot

Date: 1925
Description: Railroad depot taken as part of a survey by the Wisconsin Power and Light Company to promote economic development by emphasizing available buildings and bu...

Street Scene

Date: 1922
Description: View down main street with storefronts on both sides, with large power lines along the sidewalks stretching into the distance, and a hill in the background...

Bank of La Farge

Date: 1921
Description: Exterior view of the Bank of La Farge from street.

Texaco Station

Date: 08 07 1929
Description: Bondi & Sachtjen Texaco service station, 1462 E. Washington Avenue at Thornton Avenue, with Fuller & Johnson buildings in the background. Text with print r...

Atomic Plant Demonstration

Description: Elevated view of a demonstration of a nuclear reactor driven energy plant.

Nuclear Plant Control Room

Description: The operator of a nuclear plant sits in the control room.

St. Paul Ice Carnival Parade

Description: Elevated view of the St. Paul Ice Carnival; royal family equipages in street parade with crowd lining street. There is a real estate agency and a laundry o...

St. Paul Ice Carnival Toboggan Slide

Description: St. Paul Ice Carnival, Toboggan Slide in Palace Grounds. View looking up track towards people grouped to the side of toboggan tracks, on stairs, and at the...

Milwaukee down Broadway from Mason Street

Description: Elevated view down Broadway from Mason Street showing buildings, horse-drawn vehicles, and power lines.

West Water Street Traffic

Date: 1885
Description: Elevated view of West Water Street from Grand Avenue of horse-drawn vehicles, pedestrians, buildings, storefronts and power lines.

Kilbourn Dam Powerhouse

Description: Interior view from balcony of Kilbourn Dam Powerhouse. Four men stand at the balcony railing near stairs that lead to the ground floor. Another man stands ...

Business on Main Street

Date: 1900
Description: View of various businesses on unpaved Main Street, including a drug store on the right side. Caption reads: "Main Street, Grantsburg, Wis."


Date: 02 20 1963
Description: Union members of Local 317 in Milwaukee strike outside the Electric Co.'s N. Edison Street plant. It was a very cold night.

Baltimore Street Scene with Billboards

Date: 03 05 1929
Description: Sherwood Avenue lined with parked cars and billboards advertising "Esso," "Miller Bros." restaurant, "Wrigley's" chewing gum, "Koester's Honey Bread" and o...

Soldiers with Military Trucks

Date: 08 29 1918
Description: U.S. soldiers standing in a street with military trucks parked along a curb near the McCormick Works. The truck bodies were likely built under military con...

Trolley Car Pulling Flat Car Carrying McCormick Binder and Mower

Date: 1899
Description: Group of people posing on a trolley car, which is pulling a flat car loaded with a McCormick grain binder and mower as part of an event culminating the "Cr...

Group of Workers Posing on Flat Cars Loaded with Lumber

Date: 09 21 1914
Description: Group portrait of men posing while standing and sitting on two small flat cars linked to each other. One of the cars is loaded with lumber. Another set of ...

Street Corner

Date: 07 05 1965
Description: Street corner with gasoline station, 7-Up sign in front of restaurant next door, and several storefronts across the street.

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