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Laboratory Experiment

Date: 1928
Description: Professor Hull conducting an experiment at the Psychological laboratory of the University of Wisconsin.

Portable Fan

Date: 06 14 1956
Description: Sam Adair of 4380 N Wildwood Av., Shorewood, Wisconsin wearing fan labeled Rheem Personal Portable Air Conditioner around his neck to stay cool.

Electric Hair

Date: 01 10 1966
Description: Gail Lukas' hair stands on end when she places her hand on a Van de Graalf generator in a demonstration by the Atomic Energy Commission for junior high sch...

Trouble Shooting

Date: 09 29 1962
Description: Electronics training at the United School of Electronic Trades gives a student the opportunity to trouble shoot problems.

Electronic Voltametric Apparatus

Date: 08 27 1982
Description: Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Co. provides an opportunity for a university engineering student to have hands-on experience and instruction from a company re...

One Microsecond Memory System

Date: 12 10 1965
Description: Dennis Dokken examines a one microsecond memory system that enabled computers to read a million bits of information per second.

Westinghouse Window Display

Date: 12 03 1934
Description: Westinghouse Electric Supply Co., 1022 East Washington Avenue, window display featuring Westinghouse appliances and a female model using a mangle.

Comfy Marcel Shoppe Interior

Date: 11 22 1934
Description: Five beauty operators and four customers in the Comfy Marcel Shoppe, 1917 Winnebago Street, beauty parlor. Includes advertising text: "For better beauty cu...

Cedric Parker Gets a Facial

Date: 11 24 1933
Description: Lucille Bump, beauty operator, applying a mudpack to the face of Cedric Parker, Capital Times newsman at Mrs. Wengel's Marinello Shop, 125 State Street.

Cedric Parker Gets a Permanent

Date: 11 24 1933
Description: Cedric Parker, Capital Times reporter, gets his hair curled with a permanent wave machine attached to his hair, at Mrs. Wengel's Marinello Shop, 125 State ...

Egg Cooker Display Window

Date: 03 10 1932
Description: Display window for A & P Special Automatic Egg Cooker (Hankscraft) "available for 98 cents with purchase of 1 dozen Sunnybrook eggs."

Electrical Switchboard

Date: 02 24 1932
Description: New electrical switchboard for the State Office Building.

Lie Detector Test

Date: 12 04 1931
Description: Technicians administer a lie detector test at District Attorney Fred Risser's office to be used in the James Corcoran poisoning case.

Early Electrical Switchboard

Date: 10 19 1931
Description: Early electrical switchboard, Edison and Company.

Interference Eliminator for a Radio

Date: 09 29 1930
Description: Interference eliminator for a radio, made by Kidder's Radio Shop.

Eastwood Theatre Switchboard

Date: 01 10 1930
Description: Levers, toggles, and indicator lights make up the switchboard on the stage at the Eastwood Theatre. Located at 2090 Atwood Avenue.

Man Demonstrating Hankscraft Egg Cooker

Date: 12 08 1928
Description: Man demonstrating Hankscraft egg cooker to a female customer in Harloff-Loprich Electric Company, 506 State Street.

Electrical Control Board

Date: 10 13 1928
Description: Electrical control board at the new Orpheum Theatre at 216 State Street.

Wisconsin State Capitol Interior — Stacks of the Historical Library

Date: 1898
Description: Cluttered work space of the librarian responsible for the Historical Society's newspaper collection during the period when the Society occupied rooms in th...

Printed Circuit Board

Date: 1950
Description: Jean Hoffman looks over a printed circuit board in the foreground, with a map of Madison, Wisconsin on the wall behind her.

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