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Deer Hunters' Camp

Date: 1885
Description: Deer hunters' camp in Northern Wisconsin. Image includes six hunters and their dogs posed in front of their cabin with hanging deer carcasses.

Junction of the Yellowstone River with the Missouri

Date: 1832
Description: Junction of the Yellowstone River and the Missouri River.

Barman — Pete

Date: 1932
Description: Pete bartending at the Roxy Grill.

Buckhorn Tavern

Date: 1949
Description: Customers sitting at the bar in the Buckhorn Tavern. There are five mounted deerheads above the bar. The bartender is standing behind the bar.

Children Feeding a Fawn

Description: Two young children feeding a fawn at Trout Lake.

Boy with Fawn

Description: Young boy petting a fawn deer.
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Deering & Company Catalog

Date: 1894
Description: Cover of an advertising catalog for William Deering & Company featuring a chromolithograph of Worlds Fair foreign commissioners observing Deering grain bin...
Book or Pamphlet

St. Paul Harvester Works Catalog

Date: 1882
Description: Cover of a catalog for the Saint Paul harvester and cord binder, "The Pioneer Cord Binder of the World," manufactured by the Saint Paul Harvester Works. Th...

H.W. Simon Paint Store Window

Date: 04 25 1935
Description: H.W. Simon Paint Store window, 1904 Monroe Street. Shows Mautz paint display and H.W. Simon, Decorator sign. The interior of the store can be seen through ...

Two Deer on Car

Date: 11 27 1934
Description: A 14-point buck shot by Carl Laughnan, 4138 Mandan Crescent, and a 10-point buck shot by Russell Hegg, 330 Dow Court, are tied to the front fenders of the ...

Men and the Spoils of Hunting

Date: 11 11 1933
Description: Four men posing with their dog and hunting trophies — moose, deer, bear, and fish hanging in the farmyard.

Porcupine Mountains

Date: 1854
Description: Drawing of the Porcupine Mountains on Lake Superior.

Feeding young Fawn

Date: 1950
Description: A fawn suckles a meal from a bottle held by a young girl inside the cage.

Antelope Shooting

Date: 1844
Description: Indian with rifle in prone position hunting antelope (Plate 20).

"The antelope of the prairies and Rocky Mountains of America, which I believe to be diff...


Chicahominys Become "New Englishmen"

Date: 1655
Description: Scene from near Jamestown Settlement in Virginia, ca. 1614. The Chickahominy tribe's proximity to Jamestown meant they had early contact with the English. ...

Deer Hunters' Camp

Date: 1904
Description: Five deer hunters posing at a camp next to deer carcasses hanging up on a log pole.

Deer Hunters at Harshaw

Description: A group of men pose with guns and deer carcasses on the railroad platform at Harshaw.

One Car, Two Men, Three Deer

Date: 1931
Description: Two hunters with rifles pose in the snow by a car with three deer carcasses.

Bow Hunter and Deer

Date: 1940
Description: Man in a cardigan and knit hat holding a bow and arrow poses with a dead deer on the hood of a Chrysler.

Carl and Roy Linnell

Date: 1895
Description: Two young men, Carl and Roy Linnell, standing on either side of a wooden chair supporting a mounted buck's head with antlers. They are wearing dark suit ja...

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