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Tobacco Field

Date: 08 24 1929
Description: A farmer is standing in a tobacco field, with crop ready to harvest. Farm buildings are in the background.

Battle of Durham Hill

Date: 05 18 1933
Description: The Battle of Durham Hill during the milk strike, showing sheriff's deputies and National Guardsmen (sworn in as special deputies) charging farmers with ba...

Krueger Family in Field

Date: 08 24 1907
Description: August, Tina, Sarah, Jennie, Edgar and Alex Krueger posing outdoors in a field. Alex took this photograph remotely with a string tied to the shutter of the...

Horse-Drawn Harvester-Thresher

Date: 09 18 1923
Description: Harvester-Thresher (combine) on a hill in a field drawn by a team of eleven horses.

Bluff Scenery

Date: 1924
Description: Long view of bluffs with a fence and a farm in the foreground.

Mogul 15-30(?) Tractor pulling a McCormick Binder

Date: 07 30 1917
Description: Two men operating a Mogul 15-30(?) tractor and a McCormick binder in a field.

Workers Loading Sisal Leaves onto Tram Car

Date: 1900
Description: Two workers loading bundles of sisal leaves onto a tram car on a plantation in the Yucatan(?). The sisal or hennequen was used by the McCormick Company and...

Summer Harrowing

Date: 07 07 1934
Description: Farmer George Kopp giving a ride on his horse-drawn harrow to a young friend as he cultivates his field.

White Pine Forest

Description: View of White Pine Forest in Flambeau State Park.

Harvesting Grain with McCormick Binder

Date: 1900
Description: Several farmers and farm laborers, including a handful of children, at work harvesting grain with a McCormick grain binder in a field.

Farm Hands at Work Reaping Grain with Scythes

Date: 1899
Description: Farm scene of foreman watching five farm hands reaping grain with cradles as children, women and field hands help gather it into bundles.

Farmer Harvesting Grain with Horse-Drawn Reaper

Date: 1899
Description: Rear view of farmer harvesting grain near woodline with a self-rake reaper drawn by two horses.

Valley with Grain Field

Date: 07 12 1964
Description: Elevated view of valley with strip-planted grain field.

Newly Plowed Field and Tractor

Date: 05 20 1962
Description: A tractor parked in a newly plowed corner of a field.

Field with Wagon Tracks and Fence

Date: 09 10 1961
Description: Several fields containing wagon tracks along the side of a fence, in the vicinity of Highway P.

First Wisconsin Aviator-A.P. Warner

Date: 11 04 1909
Description: Color postcard depicting Arthur Pratt Warner of Beloit flying his Curtiss Pusher for the first time, November 4, 1909. Warner was the first person in Wisco...

Cemetery in France

Date: 1917
Description: A backdrop of farmland frames small white crosses arranged in a cemetery in France after World War I.

Allis Chalmers Farm Machinery

Date: 07 06 1940
Description: Allis Chalmers tractor pulling a chopper and a wagon, with one man driving the tractor, two men on the wagon, and one man talking to the driver.

McCormick Farmall H Tractor with Manure Spreader

Date: 1950
Description: Slightly elevated view of a man pulling a McCormick No. 200 manure spreader with a McCormick Farmall H tractor. Photograph was taken at or near the company...

McCormick Farmall H Tractor with Mounted Cultivator

Date: 1948
Description: View towards a man in a field on a Farmall H tractor with a mounted cultivator, either at or near the company's experimental farm in Hinsdale.

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