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Capitol Interior (third) — Supreme Court Chamber

Date: 1893
Description: Interior view of the Supreme Court room in the third Wisconsin State Capitol, with Chief Justice William Penn Lyon seated in the center, and Justices J.B. ...

McCormick Catalog Cover

Date: 1894
Description: Color lithograph cover illustration for the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company catalog. Shows a courtroom scene framed with a draped American flag and th...

Alimony Payment

Date: 09 19 1958
Description: County worker collects alimony payment from an ex-husband.

The Trial

Date: 1957
Description: Alleged traitor stands on trial before seated Algerian soldiers.

Supreme Court Doorway

Date: 02 04 1945
Description: Supreme Court doorway, with a sculpture of a badger over the door in the Wisconsin State Capitol.

County Courtroom Interior

Date: 02 29 1944
Description: Interior view of County courtroom at Dane County Court House, 207 West Main Street, showing judge's bench and tables.

Jury in Oil Price Conspiracy Anti-Trust Case

Date: 10 05 1937
Description: Group portrait of 14 men chosen for the jury in a federal petrolium industry trial. On trial were 22 oil companies, 46 individuals, and three publications ...

Jesse Smith Trial

Date: 09 15 1931
Description: Trial of Madison Police Dept. Desk Sargent Jesse M. Smith, accused of non-payment of a $191 bill which his ex-wife incurred at the Dean clinic. This was he...

Supreme Courtroom Mural

Date: 01 30 1931
Description: Supreme Courtroom mural "Roman Courtroom," in the Wisconsin State Capitol building.

Tom Newbury Sentencing

Date: 11 07 1930
Description: Tom Newbury, 22, Reedsburg, sentenced to life at Waupun for killing Royal Thurber, 44, Reedsburg.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices

Date: 10 13 1930
Description: Robed Wisconsin Supreme Court justices sitting in their courtroom in the Wisconsin State Capitol.

U.S. District Court Courtroom

Date: 02 15 1929
Description: United States District Court. Interior view of the unfurnished courtroom in the new Post Office building, 215 Monona Avenue.

Wisconsin State Capitol Interior — Supreme Court

Date: 1903
Description: Group portrait of the Wisconsin Supreme Court in 1903, the year in which a constitutional amendment approved expansion of the court from five to seven judg...

Wisconsin State Capitol Interior — Supreme Court Detail

Date: 1903
Description: Detail of the 1903 group portrait of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, showing Justice Robert G. Siebecker, then the least senior member of the court. Siebecker...

Wisconsin State Capitol (Third) and Park Detail

Date: 1890
Description: Detail of the photograph of the Third Capitol showing the North Wing addition completed in 1883. Designed by D.R. Jones, the North and South additions were...

Forrest City Court Hearing

Date: 09 29 1965
Description: Group of people at the Forrest City court hearing. Two central people are identified as "Joanna" and "Ben." SNCC Arkansas Project.

Surrender of Albert Parsons

Date: 06 21 1886
Description: A photograph of a painting depicting the surrender of Albert Parsons to Cook County Illinois authories. Parsons had been arrested in connection with a conf...

Judge Proctor's Courtroom

Date: 1933
Description: Judge Roy H. Proctor, Superior Court, in the Dane County Court House.

Judge Vel Phillips

Date: 1971
Description: Portrait of Vel Phillips in her judges's black robe with an American flag behind her. She was the 13th District Children's Court judge, the first woman and...

Dr. Williams at the Wharton Trial

Date: 12 23 1871
Description: Illustration of Dr. Williams being sworn in as an expert medical witness at the Wharton trial.

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