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Wisconsin Commission to Locate Monuments on the Gettysburg's Battlefield Site

Date: 05 1887
Description: Members of the Wisconsin commission to locate monuments gather on the battlefield at Little Round Top.

George L.P. Weaver

Date: 12 05 1947
Description: George Weaver, secretary of the national CIO Committee to Abolish Discrimination, appearing at the Wisconsin State CIO convention.

Milwaukee Road Employees Service Club Committee

Date: 11 07 1944
Description: Group portrait of the Milwaukee Road Employees Service Club Committee standing in front of bandstand with musicians. Patriotic decorations provided by the ...

Mendota State Hospital Award Presentation

Date: 01 16 1944
Description: Ralph Runge, Local #1 Chairman of the WSDA membership committee, presenting the President Zander Membership Cup to Jay D. Ferguson, Chairman of the winning...

Edgewood High School Committee Meeting

Date: 02 24 1944
Description: Four girls sitting in the parlor of Marshall Hall at Edgewood High School, 1000 Edgewood Avenue, for a committee meeting.

Dormitories and Commons Committee

Date: 05 26 1937
Description: Group portrait of men in the Memorial Union Dormitories and Commons Committee on the steps of the Memorial Union, University of Wisconsin.

Playground Supervisors

Date: 06 15 1934
Description: Group portrait of fifteen men and ten women. They are playground supervisors hired by the Board of Education and Madison Park Commission to run nine full t...

Nellie Tayloe Ross Speaking in Assembly Chambers

Date: 10 17 1932
Description: Nellie Tayloe Ross, vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee and former Wyoming Governor, speaking in the Assembly Chambers, on behalf of the Roo...

Unemployment Committee

Date: 08 10 1931
Description: Interim unemployment committee, with seven men sitting around a table.

Group Portrait of West High Social Committee

Date: 05 22 1931
Description: Portrait of West High School social committee, standing at Regent Street entrance.

Senate Bribery Investigating Committee

Date: 02 12 1931
Description: Seated L to R: Senator Herman J. Severson, Senator Walter S. Goodland, chairman of the committee, and Oliver Knutson, clerk of the committee. Standing is E...

Central High School Social Committee

Date: 03 18 1929
Description: Central High School social committee group portrait.

Tree Placement

Date: 06 03 1963
Description: Members of the Brown Deer beautification committee plant trees along the boulevard.

Congressional Committee at Lincoln Funeral

Date: 05 1865
Description: Albumen print of the Congressional Committee, in front of the Abraham Lincoln home for Lincoln's funeral. The Congressional Committee accompanied Lincoln's...


Date: 1942
Description: World War II poster of a bloody dagger with the text, "Remember... and they will stall our production too. If they can." The advertisement was printed for ...

All Harvester Products Are War Products

Date: 1942
Description: Poster showing a tank and an Inernational Harvester combine (harvester-thresher) with the text "All Harvester products are war products...either for offens...

Your Job Is Your Gun

Date: 1942
Description: Poster featuring illustrations of a worker chasing caricatures of a Japanese soldier (possibly Hideki Tojo) and Adolf Hitler, and a soldier firing a machin...

Your Tools Are Weapons

Date: 1942
Description: Poster showing a factory worker hitting a caricature of Adolf Hitler on the head with a tool. Includes the text: "Your tools are weapons... take care of th...

Wear It Proudly

Date: 1942
Description: Poster showing a line of factory workers with a larger image of a "production soldier" behind them. Includes the text: "The badge of the production soldier...


Date: 1942
Description: Poster showing men whispering to each other, with caricatures of Adolf Hitler and a Japanese soldier (possibly Hideki Tojo) in the background. Includes the...

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