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Do-nut Queen Advertisement

Date: 10 17 1944
Description: Donut queen posed for advertising campaign. The female model is holding a box of donuts and is sitting on a large clock bearing the slogan: "It's Always Do...

Crime Scene Investigation

Date: 05 11 1955
Description: Chalk lines in the foreground mark the spot where White Elephant Bar owner was shot. Police and detectives conferred in the background after assembling inv...

Pedestrians on Bascom Hill

Date: 1899
Description: Elevated view of Bascom Hill and lower campus vicinity from the roof of the Wisconsin Historical Society, which was then under construction. A large group ...

Orpheum Theatre Projection Booth

Date: 04 21 1927
Description: The projection room in the Orpheum Theatre, with projectors and other equipment ready for movie viewing.

Main Street

Date: 1900
Description: A view down Main Street with horses and wagons tied at hitching posts.

Group Portrait in the Governor's Office

Date: 12 23 1920
Description: Members of the Department of State in the Governor's office at the Wisconsin State Capitol. Seated, in the middle, is Secretary Fred R. Zimmerman.

John Muir's Clock Design

Date: 1863
Description: Sketch of John Muir's clock design.The built clock was a combination of scythes, wheels and arrows. A rough bough of burr oak was set upon a base incrusted...

Busy Pharmacy Scene

Date: 11 04 1940
Description: A busy scene at the Professional Pharmacy. James Robinson, proprietor, stands in front of the prescriptions counter.

Pharmacy Staff at Tozer Pharmacy

Date: 10 01 1941
Description: The entire staff of Tozer Pharmacy poses in the rear of the store. The laboratory is on the left, with benches for customers who are waiting on the right. ...

Announcer Del Viney Inside WVLR Studio

Date: 1965
Description: Radio announcer Del Viney on the air inside Wisconsin's Very Live Radio (WVLR) station during the dinner music show. Caption reads: "Dinner Music Show is a...

Clock Room at McCormick Works

Date: 11 09 1914
Description: Four men inside the clock and ticker room at International Harvester's McCormick Works. A Chicago White Sox pennant is hanging between two of the clocks. T...

William Deering & Co. Works

Date: 1900
Description: William Deering & Company factory as viewed from across Fullerton Avenue. The factory was built by William Deering in 1880. In 1902 it became International...

Woman with Blender

Date: 03 18 1955
Description: Woman stirring the contents of an Osterizer blender that is sitting on the stove.

Stock Exchange Display

Date: 04 28 1968
Description: A group of businessmen and customers watch a board that displays the stock amounts of the American Stock Exchange in a board room.

Office Baby

Date: 05 19 1965
Description: Mother brings baby to secretarial job.

Plankinton House

Description: Elevated view of exterior of Plankinton House from across the street.

Rocking Newborns

Date: 1950
Description: Women feed and rock newborn babies in a neonatal hospital unit.

School Boys Tying Knots

Description: School boys of various ages stand at the front of a classroom tying knots, while female students look on from their desks.

Ballot Machine

Date: 1956
Description: Close-up view of a women's hand touching a ballot machine with names of candidates from the 1956 Wisconsin election.

Main Street

Date: 1910
Description: View of a row of businesses on Main Street. Erhart's Drugstore is on the left, and advertises film and cigars, in addition to drugs. W.T. Irvine, optician,...

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