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Family Bomb Shelter

Date: 1952
Description: A Wisconsin family inside their new bomb shelter.

Ice Cream Stand at Civilian Defense Rally

Date: 08 15 1942
Description: A scene from the Greendale Civilian Defense Rally. Mothers and children sit at a picnic table outside of the "Bendfelt House of Fine Ice Cream" stand opera...

Crowd at Civilian Defense Rally

Date: 08 15 1942
Description: Slightly elevated view of crowd gathered at a Civilian Defense Rally. Booths are in the background, including a game booth where you can "Deflate The Axis,...

Battle of Durham Hill

Date: 05 18 1933
Description: The Battle of Durham Hill during the milk strike, showing sheriff's deputies and National Guardsmen (sworn in as special deputies) charging farmers with ba...

Wisconsin National Guard

Date: 1887
Description: Members of the Wisconsin National Guard lined up at Camp Douglas.

International Bus Emerging from Interior of NORAD Command Center

Date: 1967
Description: International transit bus emerges from a tunnel leading to the interior of the North American Air Defense Command's (NORAD) Combat Operation's Center in Ch...

Refueling, Wisconsin Air National Guard

Date: 1963
Description: A KC-97 of the 126th Refueling Squadron, Wisconsin Air National Guard, refueling an F-84 fighter over eastern Wisconsin.

Guppey Guard

Date: 06 1877
Description: The Guppey Guard, a Wisconsin state militia unit, in formation on a street in Portage.

Wisconsin Air National Guard

Date: 1954
Description: A Wisconsin Air National Guard F-89 Scorpion at Truax Field. Armaments for this fighter included two air-to-air rockets capable of being armed with nuclear...

Civil Air Patrol Card

Date: 1945
Description: Civil Air Patrol membership card belonging to Meinhardt Raabe.

Wisconsin Civil Air Corps Card

Date: 06 28 1948
Description: Wisconsin Civil Air Corps card, Escanaba chapter, issued to Meinhardt Raabe.

Student Demonstration

Description: Demonstration with students and National Guardsman in front of the Wolff-Kubly & Hirsig building.

Parade of Homes Displays Tent

Date: 09 18 1952
Description: Parade of Homes displays tent featuring Findorff Lumber & Supply Company, First National modernization financing, Edward Hines Lumber Co. and a civil defen...

Air Raid Warden

Date: 04 17 1944
Description: Dane County chief air raid warden, Coroner E.A. "Ace" Fischer puts a gas mask on Deputy Sheriff Albert Dahle on a stairway at the Wisconsin State Capitol.

Soldiers Off to Camp

Date: 08 01 1917
Description: National Guard troops unloading their supplies from New York Central railroad cars into a transport wagon to be taken to camp.

Air Raid Wardens with Equipment

Date: 04 20 1944
Description: Deputy Sheriff Albert Dahle and Sheriff E.A. Fischer, chief of the air raid wardens of Dane County, demonstrating gas masks on the steps of the Wisconsin S...

Air Warden Wearing Gas Mask

Date: 04 04 1944
Description: Dane County chief air raid warden, Coroner E.A. "Ace" Fischer, wearing a gas mask on the steps of the Wisconsin State Capitol.

Pilot Trainer with Student

Date: 01 03 1945
Description: An ambulatory trainer which permits blind flying by instrument instruction by the Civil Air Patrol. Capt. E.D. Stanley is giving instructions given by tele...

Student with Pilot Trainer

Date: 01 03 1945
Description: Sgt. Lois Burmeister at the controls of an ambulatory trainer which permits blind flying by instrument instruction by the Civil Air Patrol.
Newspaper Article/Clipping

Underground Newspaper Cover: Liberation News Service

Date: 07 25 1970
Description: Cover of "Liberation News Service," an underground news bulletin, featuring a Vietnamese woman carrying a firearm on her shoulder.

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