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Barman — Tom

Date: 1932
Description: Tom bartending at Sam's.

Navy Cooks and Bakers Group

Date: 09 09 1943
Description: Ten Navy cooks and bakers watching meat carving demonstration by Chef Carson Gulley, UW residence hall chef. Soldiers include Robert W. Merryman, Vernon R....

Spice Collection

Date: 09 09 1943
Description: Chef Carson Gulley, UW residence hall chef, proudly displaying his spice collection.

Park Hotel Grill Night Crew

Date: 10 02 1936
Description: Park Hotel Grill night crew. Four waiters and a cook are standing behind counter of the Park Hotel Grill.

McNeil Coffee Shop Night Crew

Date: 08 15 1936
Description: Group portrait of four waiters and one chef standing behind the counter at W.R. McNeil's Coffee Shop in the Park Hotel at 28 South Carroll Street.

McNeil's Tap Room, Park Hotel

Date: 09 02 1932
Description: McNeil's Tap Room, Park Hotel, 22 S. Carroll Street. Menu and prices are posted on the wall. A man wearing a tall chef's cap is standing behind the counter...

Spinach Pie

Date: 11 19 1963
Description: Chef tops spinach pie at a church event.

Cook's Choice

Date: 03 19 1964
Description: A chef wearing a toque removes a roast from the oven.

Evansville Works Home Economics Kitchen

Date: 1948
Description: Elevated view of three women evaluating meal prepared by a cook inside International Harvester's Evansville Works home economics kitchen. The Evansville Wo...

Carson Gulley's Portable Spice Cabinet

Date: 04 05 1949
Description: Carson Gulley's portable spice cabinet. He would use the cabinet for his cooking lectures.

Rennebohm Cook

Date: 1979
Description: Esther, a Rennebohm Drug Store restaurant employee, holds an order of eggs and toast while keeping watch on potatoes and pancakes cooking on the grill. She...

Chef Frosting a Cake

Date: 12 21 1944
Description: Otto Wiedholz, Vienna French Pastry Shop, 334 State Street, frosting a cake. Otto and his wife, Elsie, 414 Chestnut Street, are the owners of the pastry sh...

Carson Gulley Standing Behind Buffet Table

Date: 01 30 1945
Description: Elevated view of chef Carson Gulley, standing behind a buffet table.

Carson Gulley Catering Services

Description: Carson Gulley, in chef's hat, is leaning out of the driver's side of his catering truck. The promotional card indicates that the chef specialized in large ...

Carson Gulley Preparing Chickens

Date: 11 25 1942
Description: Navy cooks and bakers assisting a demonstration by Chef Carson Gulley, UW residence hall chef.

Chef Carson Gulley

Date: 1945
Description: Chef Carson Gulley, University of Wisconsin-Madison residence hall chef, chopping vegetables.

Chef Carson Gulley and Apprentices

Date: 01 24 1949
Description: Carson Gulley, head chef at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is shown in the refectory of Van Hise Hall with his class of apprentice chefs. Left to rig...

Carson Gulley, Caterer

Description: Carson Gulley, the well-known University of Wisconsin-Madison chef, serving a catered meal at the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed First Unitarian Society Meeti...

Memorial Union Smorgasbord

Date: 04 03 1951
Description: Paul Cleary gets instructions on how to decorate a baked ham from head chef Maurice Comos for the Smorgasbord at the University of Wisconsin Memorial Union...

Carson Gulley

Date: 07 22 1951
Description: Carson Gulley, chef for UW dormitories, sitting at a table in front of a WIBA microphone. He is wearing a chef's hat and white uniform.

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