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Milwaukee Coal Wagon

Date: 1904
Description: Elevated view of wagons hauling coal from the Milwaukee Western Fuel Company holding up street car traffic on a busy Milwaukee street.

Workman Filling International Model "63" Coal and Ice Truck

Date: 1927
Description: African American workman filling an International Model "63" coal and ice truck. The truck was owned by George Jaekel & Son Coal and Ice Company based in N...

Unloading Coal

Description: A man unloads coal from a boat by walking a wheelbarrow across wooden platforms raised on scaffolds. In the background a man stands with an empty wheelbarr...

Berlin Airlift Coal Shipment

Date: 1948
Description: A British soldier directs the truck driver as German workers prepare to load a shipment of coal on a U.S. Air Force C-54 airplane at Fassberg Airfield. Fro...

Shoveling Coal in an International Delivery Truck

Date: 1936
Description: Man standing in the bed of an International coal delivery truck owned by Thos. J. Kearney Jr., Inc. The man is shoveling coal and the truck is backed up to...

Roth Coal Silos and Trucks

Date: 10 12 1937
Description: Seven coal delivery trucks and six drivers parked in front of eight different coal silos (Kathleen, Enos, St. David, Orient, Waukeegan, United, Pocahontas ...

C.E. and P.A. Roth Coal Co. Trucks

Date: 04 22 1937
Description: C.E. and P.A. Roth fleet of 10 trucks with drivers parked in front of their office, 2008 Roth Street (?).

Roth Coal Silos

Date: 05 20 1936
Description: Five coal silos at C.E. and P.A. Roth Inc., sand and gravel company, at 1208 Roth Street.

Roth Coal Silos

Date: 05 22 1936
Description: Wide angle view of 5 coal silos at C.E. and P.A. Roth Inc., sand and gravel company, 1208 Roth Street.

Conklin & Sons, Inc. National Railroad Week Window

Date: 06 13 1935
Description: Conklin & Sons, Co., fuel and ice dealers, 24 West Mifflin Street, National Railroad Week window display.

West Kentucky Coal Co. Booth

Date: 09 16 1934
Description: West Kentucky Coal Co. booth featuring three buckets of WinterKing coal at the East Side Businessmen's Festival.

West Kentucky Coal Company Trucks

Date: 09 19 1933
Description: Two new West Kentucky Coal Co. 1.5 ton International trucks in front of piles of Wesco Royal Red Ash coal at the coal yards at 1433 Monroe Street.

Conklin & Sons Window Display

Date: 09 29 1931
Description: Window display of Conklin & Sons Coal Co. showing scuttles of different kinds of coal, 24 E. Mifflin Street.

Lineup of White Trucks

Date: 08 22 1931
Description: Lineup of 14 White coal trucks from Castle & Doyle yards corner of Monroe and Regent Streets? Negative sleeve reads: "323 W. Johnson Street."

Anthracite Service Booth

Date: 06 17 1931
Description: Anthracite Service Booth at Coal Convention, U.W. Armory, with a map of the United States and various service centers. There is a coal stove on display.

Fiore Coal and Oil Storage Tanks

Date: 12 26 1930
Description: Three Fiore Coal and Oil storage tanks.

Coal Saver Window Display

Date: 02 07 1930
Description: Van Buskirk coal saver window display for Heinze Sales Co.

Conklin Booth at ESBMA Fall Festival

Date: 09 09 1929
Description: Conklin & Sons company booth at East Side Business Men's Association (ESBMA) Fall Festival. Featuring Marquette Cement, a child's scooter and Milwaukee Sol...

Loading Coal into International K-6 Dump Truck

Date: 1948
Description: Man loading coal from an overhead bin into an International K-6 dump truck owned by South Chicago Coal and Dock Company. The slogan "coal stoker heat is be...

International SF-34 Model Truck

Date: 1929
Description: Man delivering a bag of "Beaver" brand charcoal from an International SF-34 truck. The man worked for the Charcoal Supply Company of Quebec, Canada.

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