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McCormick Reaper Works Forge Shop

Date: 1902
Description: Men working in the forge shop of the McCormick Reaper Works. The factory was owned by the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company. In 1902 it became the McCor...

Tire Factory Interior

Date: 1919
Description: Elevated interior view of the Boone Tire Factory. Men are lined up along a wall with open windows. They are each using a stand to hold a wheel while wrappi...

Memorial Union Interior Ballroom

Date: September 28 1928
Description: University of Wisconsin-Madison Memorial Union interior ballroom with skylight (Great Hall).

Orpheum Theatre Interior

Date: April 02 1927
Description: Interior view from the stage of the auditorium with balcony, at the New Orpheum Theatre at 216 State Street.

Capitol Theatre Under Construction

Date: June 02 1927
Description: An interior view of the Capitol Theatre as it is being built at 211 State Street, as viewed from the stage toward the balcony.

Capitol Theatre Balcony

Date: January 23 1928
Description: Interior view of the Capitol Theatre balcony in the auditorium.

RKO Capitol Theatre

Date: January 23 1928
Description: View from the back towards the RKO Capitol Theatre stage.

Capitol Theatre Construction

Date: June 03 1927
Description: An interior view of the Capitol Theatre auditorium and balcony under construction.

Wisconsin State Capitol Elevators

Description: Second and third floor elevators in the Wisconsin State Capitol.

Sara Sound Productions

Date: 1965
Description: James Kirchstein, Wisconsin's Very Live Radio (WVLR) station chief engineer and originator, inside his recording company, Sara Sound Productions, Inc. WVLR...

International Harvester Printing Warehouse

Date: March 26 1925
Description: Employees packaging company publications for shipment in a warehouse. The warehouse is possibly part of Harvester Press. Publications may include advertisi...

Badger Bus Lines Christmas Party

Date: December 09 1947
Description: Group portrait of the Badger Coaches Inc. and Meier Truck Sales employees Christmas party at the Nakoma Country Club.

Testing Spring Teeth at Osborne Works

Date: March 18 1913
Description: Factory workers testing newly manufactured harrow spring teeth at International Harvester's Osborne Works. The factory was owned by the D.M. Osborne Compan...

Twine Mill Worker and Machinery

Date: 1900
Description: A male employee of the McCormick Twine Mill works with sisal fiber as it comes out of a finisher machine and piles into metal buckets. The machine is belt-...

Workers Store Bundles of Twine inside Warehouse

Date: 1910
Description: Three workers and a supervisor stacking bundles of twine all the way to the roof in a warehouse at International Harvester's Osborne Twine Mill. The Osborn...

McCormick Foreman's Banquet

Date: April 17 1907
Description: Large group of men sitting and posing at long dining tables in the Club House of International Harvester's McCormick Works factory. The men are attending t...

First to Fly — Wright Brothers' Factory

Date: 1910
Description: Workers in the General Assembly Department of the Wright Brothers' airplane factory.

Harvester Press Typing Pool

Description: Several female office workers in an office of International Harvester's "Harvester Press."

McCormick Reaper Works "Rest Room"

Date: 1899
Description: Two women sitting in the "rest room" at the McCormick Reaper Works. A piano is in the background.

Manufacturing Binder Canvases at McCormick Works

Date: 1930
Description: Female workers inserting wooden slats into canvas for grain binders in the McCormick Works Twine Mill. The factory was owned by the McCormick Harvesting Ma...

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