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Carvers at Work

Date: 1911
Description: Carvers at work on the Karl Bitter sculpture for the fourth Wisconsin State Capitol (third in Madison). Between 1911 and 1913, a group of stone cutters (ma...

Carvers at the Wisconsin Historical Society

Date: 1899
Description: Three stone cutters (probably Italian) working on decorative details over the east entrance of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin (Wisconsin Histori...

Football Field Diorama with Soap Carvings

Date: 11 01 1939
Description: Football field diorama made with soap carvings taken for East High School "Tower Times," 2222 East Washington Avenue.

Battlefield Diorama of Soap Carvings

Date: 11 01 1939
Description: Battlefield diorama made with soap carvings taken for East High School "Tower Times," 2218-22 East Washington Avenue.

Student Sculptor

Date: 12 12 1933
Description: University of Wisconsin student sculpting a statue. He is surrounded by small sculptures in the old student Union building.

U.S. Post Office & Courthouse Under Construction

Date: 03 31 1928
Description: U.S. Post Office, with a close-up view of stone carving on a column capitol with a rosette over it, at 215 Monona Avenue. (Martin L. King Jr. Boulevard.)

The Bird House at Bird Park

Date: 1933
Description: House built by Albert Zahn, Sr. He carved figures of angels, animals, and birds, and after his wife painted them, he mounted them on pillars in the yard. A...

Thunderbird Petroglyphs

Description: Thunderbird petroglyphs carved on rock face at Twin Bluffs.

Carved Wooden Cherub

Date: 07 19 1970
Description: A wooden cherub art piece in a window of a would-be coffee shop and art gallery on University Avenue.

Carving on 102 N. Hamilton Street Building

Date: 11 08 1970
Description: An intricate design carved into the side of the building at 102 N. Hamilton Street. The building was built for Montgomery Wards (1929-1942); occupied by US...

Ceiling of Wisconsin State Capitol Dome

Date: 02 06 1972
Description: Ceiling of the Wisconsin State Capitol dome interior showing decorative carving.

Animal Head Detail

Date: 12 27 1970
Description: Detail of an animal (or demon?) head from the stone stairway at the corner of North Pinckney and East Gorham Streets.

Petterson House Carvings

Date: 05 07 1972
Description: Wooden carvings of two faces (of a total of four) on the front of the L.W. Petterson house at 101 North Prospect Avenue which represent the "four ages of m...

Gargoyle Fountain

Date: 07 02 1972
Description: A gargoyle fountain on the side of the residence of Thomas Nelson at 3403 Circle Close in Shorewood.

Wisconsin Historical Society Lion Detail

Date: 09 03 1972
Description: Stone lion's head which serves as a decorative detail on the exterior of the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Decorated Pillar

Date: 10 15 1972
Description: Decorated pillar on the facade of the Baskin, Olson, and Veerhusen Company at 7 North Pinckney Street. One detail of the ornamentation is a carved face.

Stone Head Detail

Date: 10 29 1972
Description: Stone carved head detail on the Beta Theta Pi House at 622 Mendota Court.

MATC Gargoyle

Date: 02 25 1973
Description: A hooded gargoyle, representing scholastic spirit, on the facade of the Madison Area Technical College at 211 North Carroll Street.

Stone Fish in Fountain

Date: 03 04 1973
Description: An ornate stone fish, which is part of a sea-themed decoration on the Annie C. Stewart Fountain, Erin Street at Wingra Street, near Henry Vilas Zoo (Vilas ...

Carved Wooden Frowning Face

Date: 09 10 1973
Description: A frowning face carved into the ends of wooden beams supporting the two floors of Le Chateau at 636 Langdon Street.

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