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Barron Coop Creamery

Date: 1900
Description: Two men pose at the Barron Coop Creamery next to the churns full of butter, which is ready to be packed into the small barrels nearby.

Making a One-Ton Tub of Butter

Date: 1930
Description: Several men in white are shown churning a one-ton tub of butter for exhibit at the State Fair.

Churning Butter

Date: May 12 1933
Description: Ellen (Mrs. William) Lacy, of Sunny Slope farm, 5810 Lacy Road, south of Madison, sitting in the farmyard and turning a barrel butter churn.

It's Better with Butter!

Date: 1941
Description: Color poster created by the National Dairy Council, Chicago, of butter and buttered food items such as pancakes, baked potatoes, and a steak, displayed on...

Young Man Buttering a Slice of Bread

Date: 1919
Description: A young man sitting at a table buttering a slice of bread.

Clinton Bullard Sells No Substitutes

Date: December 18 1931
Description: Clinton Bullard holding a package of butter next to a sign that reads: "No Oleomargarine or Butter Substitutes Bought or Sold in this Store," in his store...

Toledo Scale

Date: May 20 1928
Description: Man weighing butter on Toledo scale at Evans Creamery, Mt. Horeb.

Precison Cutting

Date: 1950
Description: Two men operate a machine that uses wires to make equal portions out of a large slab of butter.

Betsey Busied by Bossy's Butter

Date: 1905
Description: Woman churning butter.

Alice in Dairyland and Miss Sweet Corn Queen

Date: 1951
Description: Marjean Czerwinski, the 1951 Alice in Dairyland, butters an ear of corn held by Pat Baker, Miss Sweet Corn Queen.
Map or Atlas

Dairy Progress Map

Date: 1918
Description: Map illlustrates creameries, condenseries and cheese factories in Wisconsin, January, 1918, and value of products. Five smaller maps in margin show changes...

Man Packing Butter in Creamery

Description: Man packing butter in a creamery.

Otto Wolff at Butter Churn

Date: May 08 1945
Description: Otto Wolff, supervisior of butter making for the Madison Dairy Produce Company, 1018 East Washington Avenue, at the butter churn. Left to right: Otto Wolff...

Cheese & Butter Table

Date: 1937
Description: Advertising brochure for Wisconsin's dairy industry issued by the State Department of Agriculture. It depicts Wisconsin as the table upon which cheese and...

More Wisconsin Butter

Date: 1936
Description: Brochure produced by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture and Markets to encourage the consumption of Wisconsin butter.

Yellow Belongs To Butter

Description: Reprint from the pages of "Hoard's Dairyman" magazine issued to influence public opinion in Wisconsin where the sale of colored margarine was prohibited by...

Three-Headed Hydra Cartoon

Date: May 14 1887
Description: Cartoon of a three-headed hydra representing oleomargarine, threatening a farmer.

Wisconsin Buttermaker's Association, 13th Annual Meeting

Date: February 03 1914
Description: Panoramic group portrait of the 13th annual meeting of the Wisconsin Buttermakers' Association, Feb. 3-5, 1914. Taken outside of the Wisconsin State Capito...

Butter Making Class

Description: Students dressed in white use large butter churns in a butter making class, probably at the University of Wisconsin Dairy School.

Judging Butter

Date: July 1915
Description: Group of men, perhaps participants in a University of Wisconsin short course, tasting butter.

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