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Spic and Span Dry Cleaners

Date: 03 14 1957
Description: Elevated view across street towards the storefront and delivery vehicles of Spic and Span Dry Cleaning.

East Towne Shopping Center

Date: 12 02 1970
Description: An aerial view of East Towne Shopping Center (now East Towne Mall) looking southeast across East Washington Avenue.

West Towne

Date: 08 28 1970
Description: An aerial view of West Towne Shopping Center (now West Towne Mall) at Mineral Point and Gammon Roads.

Blumer Brewery

Date: 04 09 1931
Description: Exterior view of the Blumer Brewery building. Two men are standing in the left background at the corner of the building. The porch of a building is on the ...

East Wilson Street

Date: 01 08 1946
Description: View down middle of East Wilson Street at the center of South Hancock looking Northeast, taken at site of Reynolds Bus accident. Businesses shown include D...

Frautschi Furniture Store

Date: 05 15 1934
Description: Exterior view of the Frautschi Furniture Store, located at 213-221 King Street.

Employment Office

Date: 08 09 1934
Description: Office of the Wisconsin State Employment Service. View of King Street looking toward Capitol Square from East Doty Street. Businesses in view include Quisl...

Millard's Tavern

Date: 07 29 1955
Description: Millard's Tavern, 504 East Wilson Street with Fauerbach CB beer sign and "Bobby Hodges radio & TV star, Every Friday Night." Also shows Marty's Sandwich Sh...

Union Transfer Fireproof Storage and other Businesses

Date: 09 17 1931
Description: View down East Wilson Street from the corner of King Street. The Union Transfer Building is on the right hand side at 155-303 East Wilson Street, Rubin's F...

Boathouses on Lake Monona

Date: 04 24 1931
Description: Boathouses on Lake Monona looking southeast from E. Wilson Street across CNW railroad tracks. View of Wirka Boat Line, E. Wilson Street at S. Hancock Stree...

Nancee Hat Shop

Date: 09 07 1935
Description: Exterior night view of the Nancee Hat Shop at 7 South Pinckney Street featuring hats, purses and an Art Deco entrance.

Hill's Department Store

Date: 08 13 1957
Description: Exterior night view night of Hill's Department Store window, 202 State Street, displaying twelve ladies' "fashion tailored" long sleeve shirts. Advertised ...

Fauerbach Brewery

Date: 08 12 1931
Description: Fauerbach Brewery on the right, at 651-653 Williamson Street. Looking northeast along Williamson Street is the Madison Drug Co., 654 Williamson Street, Int...

Texaco Station

Date: 08 07 1929
Description: Bondi & Sachtjen Texaco service station, 1462 E. Washington Avenue at Thornton Avenue, with Fuller & Johnson buildings in the background. Text with print r...

Eastside Storefronts

Date: 06 14 1927
Description: Storefronts of the Wisconsin School of Music, East Side Variety Store and Hess Grocery Market. Owned by the Hess family, this property was located at 154 A...

Intersection of Highway 51 and Cottage Grove Road

Date: 09 30 1933
Description: Gas station in a Trachte building on the corner of Highway 51 (Monona Drive) and Highway 30 (Cottage Grove Road). A "Johnson Winged 70 Gasoline" pump is in...

Down Monona Drive

Date: 09 30 1933
Description: A gas station in a Trachte building on the corner of Highway 51 (Monona Drive) and Highway 30 (Cottage Grove Road). "Johnson Gasoline," and "Defiance Spark...

Democrat Printing Company building

Date: 11 20 1927
Description: At one time known as the "official" state printer, the Democrat Printing Company was located at the corner of Carroll and Doty streets.

University Avenue and Lake Street Intersection

Date: 11 28 1927
Description: View of the 3 F Laundry on the corner of University Avenue and Lake Street, with Holmes Tire, 614 University Avenue, and the Wheeler Conservatory of Music,...

Stone Crushing Plant

Date: 10 20 1928
Description: View of the Stone Crushing Plant on Hwy #27 near Soldiers Grove.

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