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Pharo Heating Company Stokers & Boilers

Date: November 01 1945
Description: Anchor stokers and Kewaunee boilers, at the RMR Corporation building, 1400 East Washington Avenue.

Anchor Stokers and Kewaunee Boilers

Date: November 01 1945
Description: Anchor stokers and Kewaunee boilers in the Marquette School basement. Taken for Pharo Heating.

Kewanee Boiler and Anchor Stoker

Date: November 01 1945
Description: Kewaunee boiler and Anchor stoker in the basement of the Women's Building.

Anchor Stokers and Kewaunee Boilers

Date: November 01 1945
Description: Anchor stokers and Kewaunee boilers in the basement of Longfellow School, taken for Pharo Heating.

Howard Sechrest Welding

Date: August 07 1939
Description: Howard Sechrest, of Howard Welding & Machine Co., wears goggles and welds in the boiler at the Loraine Hotel.

Engine Room, Arcade Manufacturing Co.

Date: September 26 1933
Description: A.H. Hubbell Company workers build a "Complete Plibrico Jointless Firebrick Lining" brick wall around a boiler in the engine room at Arcade Manufacturing C...

Stoking the Fire

Date: 1950
Description: A man in work clothes gets ready to shove a log into the fire chamber of a boiler.

A.M. Toussaint Heating Company

Date: June 1944
Description: Boiler installed by A.M. Toussaint Heating Company, 204 Winnebago Street, at the German House, 508 North Francis Street.

Man Fixing Furnace Boiler

Date: November 04 1944
Description: Unidentified man from A.M. Toussaint, heating contractor, fixing a furnace boiler.

Construction of Power Engine and Boilers at Prairie du Sac Dam Site

Date: June 1911
Description: Workmen pose during construction of the temporary steam power plant at the Prairie du Sac dam. These engines provided electric power for the construction...

Narrow Gauge Trestle and Coffer Dam Under Construction

Date: June 21 1911
Description: Looking east over the Wisconsin River showing the unfinished narrow gauge railroad trestle. Two steam-driven pile drivers on barges with construction worke...

Power Dam Construction Site

Date: July 27 1911
Description: Elevated view of the power dam construction site on the Wisconsin River from the west shore. The outline of the coffer dam is easily seen. Three steam-pow...

Moving Boilers

Date: June 13 1904
Description: View of men moving boilers on horse-drawn wagons from Fairbanks to Pedro Creek, June 13th, 1904. Text on photograph reads: "Moving First Boilers From Fairb...

Big Boiler and Engine to Run Centrifugal Pump

Date: July 16 1912
Description: Workmen pose around the "big boiler" and engine that power the 12 inch centrifugal pump used to pump out the coffer dam at the power dam construction site.

Northeast View of Power House Coffer Dam at Power Dam

Date: August 07 1912
Description: Men excavating within the coffer dam. One man is standing on a high piling. Several steam engines at work fill the air with smoke. The high trestle and fou...

Pile Coated with Sand at Power Dam

Date: March 11 1913
Description: Workers posing by a piling coated with sand suspended from a crane.

Construction Workers at Dam Construction Site

Date: 1915
Description: Elevated view of a group of workers posing on the east bank of the Wisconsin River at the power dam construction site. One man is strumming his shovel like...

Two Boilers on Board Rail Cars

Date: April 22 1911
Description: Two men and a boy are posing on rail cars carrying two 150 horse-power boilers for use in the temporary power plant at the dam construction site at Prairie...

Electric Railroad and Coffer Dam at Power Dam, Looking West

Date: August 06 1911
Description: A view following the lower trestle to the west bank. The construction camp buildings, including the office and temporary power plant are seen on the left.

Crane Hoisting Gravel into Concrete Mixer

Date: May 31 1912
Description: Workers maneuvering a load of gravel into a concrete mixer at the plant on the east bank of the river. The east abutment is in the foreground, left.

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