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Triplets' Birthday

Date: March 13 1961
Description: Second birthday party of Judy, Robin, and Linda Constantineau of 8106 W. Euclid Ave. All three girls are eating cake.

Triplets with Birthday Cake

Date: December 26 1954
Description: Triplets blowing out the candles of their birthday cake.

Susan B. Anthony

Date: 1870
Description: Portrait of Susan B. Anthony on her 50th birthday.

Birthday Boy

Date: 1957
Description: A boy blowing out 9 candles on a birthday cake.

Farmer's Birthday

Date: July 07 1983
Description: John Fitzsimmons and Barton Voegeli take a break from discing the fields to eat the birthday cake that Voegeli's wife made to celebrate the occasion.

Birthday Party Group

Date: February 26 1944
Description: Group portrait of 14 young men taken in a living room at a birthday party (for Connie J. Lewis ?), with a dog, and four of the young men holding puppies. P...

Children's Birthday Party

Date: February 19 1937
Description: Children's birthday party at 906 Brittingham Boulevard, with participants wearing party hats and sitting at a table with a birthday cake.

Seven East High School Seniors and Cake

Date: June 06 1935
Description: Seven East High School seniors and one woman sitting on stage with a tiered birthday cake with candles.

Ronald Epstein's Birthday Party

Date: October 27 1934
Description: Eleven children and one adult are sitting around the table at Ronald Epstein's third birthday party.

Nurses with Newborns

Date: February 02 1934
Description: Three baby girls were born on President Franklin Roosevelt's birthday; Beverly Ann Shepherd, held by nurse Bernice Schantz, Marilyn Joan Hauden, held by nu...

White House Cake

Date: January 28 1934
Description: Three men are standing behind a cake shaped like the White House, baked by the Strand Baking Company, 2007 Atwood Avenue, for the Roosevelt Birthday Ball....

Beatrice Gulley's Birthday Party

Date: January 09 1934
Description: Beatrice Gulley's (Mrs. Carson Gulley) birthday party. Group portrait of family and friends posing around a small table with birthday cake and flowers.

Children's Birthday Party

Date: October 31 1932
Description: Children's birthday party. Taken for Mrs. Louis McGann. Shows children's room decor, small table with five children sitting around it.

Helen Schleck

Date: September 26 1932
Description: Helen Schleck (Mrs. Mathias H.), standing beside a radio, is a Dane County pioneer celebrating her 86th birthday, 1201 Sherman Avenue.

Martha Washington Tableau

Date: February 22 1932
Description: The John Bell Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution present a tableau of Martha Washington's life at the Hotel Loraine for the bicentennial o...

McGruer Baby

Date: November 21 1931
Description: Hugh Fraser McGruer sitting on a sofa (on first birthday). He was born on Thanksgiving Day, 1930.

Children at WIBA Radio Station

Date: May 22 1931
Description: 350 children and Uncle Bob at WIBA radio station for Uncle Bob's 23rd birthday party. Uncle Bob was host of Kayo Kiddies program.

Birthday Party at Easter

Date: April 11 1931
Description: Birthday party for 4-year-old child. Shows 14 children, Easter Bunny chair, and Easter decorations.

Richard McVicar's Birthday

Date: October 28 1930
Description: Portrait of Richard McVicar with his birthday cake and candles on his fourth birthday.

Richard and Malcolm McVicar

Date: October 28 1930
Description: Richard and Malcolm McVicar celebrating Richard's fourth birthday while sitting in front of a fireplace with a birthday cake and candles. They are sitting...

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