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Brewery Wagons Delivering Beer

Description: Brewery wagons loaded with beer barrels in foreground of the Potosi Brewery.

Coffee Shop

Date: 05 1960
Description: Two women serving coffee to customers at a coffee shop. Richland Center, Wisconsin.

Rhythm Girls

Date: 06 25 1932
Description: Fanchon and Mario "Rhythm Girls" posing in front of an A&W Root Beer. They are standing in a line and holding mugs of root beer.

Grocery Convention Display

Date: 1933
Description: The Fauerbach Beer display at the Grocery Convention. The display consists of many bottles of beer, beer cases, die cut cardboard displays, cloth bunting a...

International D-30 Truck Carrying Vernon's Ginger Ale

Date: 03 10 1938
Description: Two men loading cases of Vernon's ginger ale (soda) on an International D-30 truck in Toronto, Canada.

International D-300 Truck Delivering 7-Up

Date: 1940
Description: Man unloading cases of 7-Up soda outside a delicatessen at the corner of Michigan and Northampton streets. Truck operated by Henry Guggenheimer.

International Truck Delivering Orange Crush

Date: 1933
Description: International truck delivering Orange Crush soda to a concession stand at the "A Century of Progress" Worlds Fair. The truck was owned by Citrus Fruit Juic...

"Hot Dr. Pepper" Supermarket Display

Date: 1966
Description: Costumed saleswoman at a supermarket display for Dr. Pepper soft drinks. The display includes samples of "Hot Dr. Pepper" and "winter warmer."

Buster Keaton and Seneca Grape Juice Executive

Date: 1965
Description: Buster Keaton (right) appraises a costume for a Seneca Grape Juice TV commercial with J. Wolcott, the company's Vice President.

Man Delivering Coca-Cola from International C-300 Truck

Date: 1937
Description: Man delivering bottled Coca-Cola soft drinks (soda) from an International C-300 truck with covered deck body. The delivery was to Parklane Food Mart, which...

International G-61 Truck Carrying Orange Smash Soda

Date: 1920
Description: International Model G-61 loaded with Orange Smash soda and parked in middle of a city street. A man is sitting in the driver's seat. The truck was owned an...

International Model A-4 Truck with Trailer in front of Iowa State Capitol Building

Date: 06 28 1933
Description: International Model A-4 semi-tractor with sleeper cab and trailer parked in foreground, with the Iowa State Capitol Building in the background. The truck w...

Man Loading International C-300 Coca-Cola Truck

Date: 10 21 1936
Description: Delivery man loading bottle cases of Coca-Cola soda onto the open bed of an International C-300 delivery truck.

Canning Soft Drinks

Date: 1950
Description: A woman production line worker boxes cone-top cans of Tip Top soft drinks as they come off the production line.

Sailors Load Cases of Coca-Cola onto Battleship

Date: 1962
Description: Sailors passing cases of bottled Coca-Cola (soda) from an International truck to a ship docked at Chicago. City skyline in background.

International Truck Owned by Rice Lake Bottling Works

Date: 1920
Description: International truck owned by the Rice Lake Bottling Works parked on a snow-covered street in front of Reckenthaler's Garage. The truck is equipped with cha...

International Metro Pepsi Delivery Truck

Date: 1956
Description: Color photograph of a delivery man unloading cases of bottled Pepsi (soda) from an International Metro truck in front of Ralph's Supermarket.

Driver Posing with International Coca-Cola Truck

Date: 06 29 1928
Description: Delivery driver posing with an International Coca-Cola (soda) delivery truck in front of a service station.

The Old Absinthe House

Date: 09 15 1928
Description: Street scene featuring the Old Absinthe House, a famous New Orleans establishment in the city's French Quarter. The building was built in 1806 by Pedro Fro...

International Coca-Cola Delivery Truck

Date: 06 12 1928
Description: Driver delivering cases of bottled Coca-Cola (soda) to a residential neighborhood in an International delivery truck.

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