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Map of Peshtigo Fire

Description: Map of the district of the Peshtigo fire, approximately 1,280,000 acres, in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.

Madison from Lake Monona

Date: 1906
Description: View of Madison from Lake Monona with the Wisconsin State Capitol building in the background. This view of Brittingham Park shows a part of the park shortl...

Filling In Brittingham Park

Date: 1907
Description: A steam-powered dredge anchored in Monona Bay is filling in Brittingham Park.

Monona Bay in Madison

Date: 1904
Description: Monona Bay from the railroad trestle looking southwest, close to where the railroad tracks cross North Shore Drive, (now Brittingham Park), with old houses...
Map or Atlas

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, Looking Northeast

Date: 1893
Description: Bird's-eye map of Sturgeon Bay, looking Northeast. Area bordered by Church Street in top left corner, leather & Smith Bridge in bottom left corner, Lawrenc...

Chequamagon Point

Date: 1898
Description: Watercolor painting of Chequamegon Point.

Ephraim from Peninsula State Park

Date: 1950
Description: Downtown Ephraim from Peninsula State Park, directly across the bay.

Downtown Fish Creek

Date: 1905
Description: View across field and fence towards the town of Fish Creek and the bay.

Aerial View of Green Bay

Date: 1950
Description: Aerial view of the confluence of the Fox River and Green Bay.

Marinette Fisheries

Date: 1912
Description: The fisheries in Marinette.

Dock Office

Date: 1900
Description: A view of the lighthouse and dock office at Peshtigo Harbor.
Map or Atlas

Map of Lake Superior and Bays

Date: 1863
Description: Map of the west end of Lake Superior, including Superior, St. Louis, and Allouez Bays.

Green Bay Large Letter Postcard

Date: 1957
Description: Green Bay postcard depicting various scenes in the letters that spell the name of the city. Images include the lighthouse at the harbor entrance, City Stad...
Map or Atlas

Wisconsin Map

Date: 1856
Description: A hand-colored map of Wisconsin, showing the county boundaries, towns, cities, railroads, roads, lakes, rivers, bays, and the Lake Superior’s islands. In...
Map or Atlas

Map of Early Wisconsin Railroads

Date: 1860
Description: A hand-drawn, ink on cloth map of southeastern Wisconsin that show roads and railroads that connect Chicago to Milwaukee and other towns in the southeaster...
Map or Atlas

Map of a Part of Wisconsin Territory

Date: 1837
Description: Map of Lake Winnebago and the area south of the Fox River from Green Bay to Sheboygan. The map is oriented with North to the right.
Map or Atlas

State of Wisconsin

Date: 1853
Description: Railroad map outlines mid and southern Wisconsin county boundaries in red, and city/town lines are provided. Other marks include lead mines, copper mines,...
Map or Atlas

Map Showing the Surficial Deposits of Southeastern Wisconsin

Date: 1917
Description: A geological survey map that map of southeastern Wisconsin shows the surface deposits east of the Wisconsin River, from the Illinois state line north to Ne...
Map or Atlas

Lands of the Chicago & North Western Railway Company in the State of Wisconsin

Date: 1900
Description: This map of shows the township grid, counties, cities and villages, lakes, rivers, rail lines and the Menominee Indian Reservation.
Map or Atlas

Lands of the Chicago & North Western Railway Company in the State of Wisconsin

Date: 1910
Description: This map of northeastern Wisconsin shows the township grid, counties, cities and villages, lakes, rivers, rail lines and the Menominee Indian Reservation....

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