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Lumber Rafts in Narrows

Date: 1887
Description: Two lumber rafts with men aboard floating down the Wisconsin River.
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Bird's-Eye View of Hudson

Date: 1870
Description: Bird's-eye map of Hudson, with insets of Court House and Public School.

Southern Pacific Railroad Cars being Transferred across Mississippi River

Description: View of Southern Pacific Railroad cars being transferred across the Mississippi River with a barge near New Orleans, Louisiana.

Main Office at Prairie du Sac Dam Site

Date: March 1911
Description: Construction workers posing during construction of the main office at the Wisconsin River dam site.

Launch Towing Barge-Load of Pilings to Prairie du Sac Dam Site

Date: March 1911
Description: A gasoline-powered launch tows a barge loaded with log pilings on the Wisconsin River to the Prairie du Sac dam site. Workmen drive the launch and guide th...

Fox River Dam

Date: 1900
Description: Fox River Dam, with shoreline in either side, and a barge in the distance.

Group of Men Fishing on Fox River

Date: 1900
Description: Group of men on the shore of Fox River, near the Fox River dam, fishing. There is a barge in the background.

Narrow Gauge Trestle and Coffer Dam Under Construction

Date: June 21 1911
Description: Looking east over the Wisconsin River showing the unfinished narrow gauge railroad trestle. Two steam-driven pile drivers on barges with construction worke...

Driving Pilings for the Coffer Dam at Prairie du Sac Power Dam Site

Date: July 20 1911
Description: Workmen stand on a barge carrying a steam-powered pile driver. The pilings will form the coffer dam necessary for construction of the power plant on the Wi...

Workers on Pile Driver

Date: September 23 1911
Description: Workers standing on the barge-mounted, steam-driven pile driver at work on the coffer dam.

Lumber Raft on the Mississippi River

Description: Elevated view of lumber raft on the Upper Mississippi River with shoreline in the background.

Inland River Barge

Date: September 14 1972
Description: Elevated view of an inland river barge that was purchased by Electro-Motive and used by Wisconsin Barge Lines. Original Falk caption reads, "4.074:1 twin s...

Driving Sheet Piling at Power Dam

Date: May 28 1911
Description: Men posing on a barge carrying a steam powered pile driver at work on the coffer dam for the construction of the powerhouse.

The Mouth of the River St. Croix

Description: Lithographed drawing of the mouth of the St. Croix River depicting a sailing barge and steamboat in the distance. Print is part of a series collected in Le...

Elevated View of Downtown and River

Date: 1910
Description: Elevated view of downtown. Part of the Milwaukee River is on the left side. Sign for the Germania building is in the lower right, and city hall is in the b...

Steamer with Timber Raft

Date: 1903
Description: Drawing of a steamboat pulling a raft of cut boards.
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"Rambo" and "Musser"

Date: 1903
Description: Drawing of the "Rambo" and "Musser" transporting a log raft on the Mississippi River.

Steamboat Clifton and Coal Barges

Date: May 12 1894
Description: Steamboat Clifton pushing barges in the Ohio River.

Dredging Barges

Date: June 04 1894
Description: A fleet of dredges moored to the Kentucky shore.

Unloading a Coal Barge

Date: June 11 1894
Description: Several men unload coal from barges with shovels. A row of buildings is in the background.

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