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Opera House

Date: 1880
Description: The Opera House at the corner of Washington (now Main) and North Mill Streets. A sign at the back of the building reads: "Printing." A barber pole is in fr...

Madison Oriental Rug Company

Date: November 20 1927
Description: Oriental rug business owned by Solomon Gulessarian at 319 State Street. The Palace Barber Shop is next door on the right.

Barber Shop

Description: Three barbers stand in the barber shop at the Princess Martha Hotel.

200 Block of State Street in Winter

Date: 1910
Description: View across street towards the north side of the 200 block of State Street between Fairchild and Henry Streets. This side was free of saloons. The south si...

Calvary Lutheran University Church

Date: June 27 1935
Description: Calvary Lutheran University Church, 713 State Street, Campus Barber Shop, 709 State Street, and St. Paul's Catholic University Chapel, 717 State Street, fr...

Arcade Building, King Street

Date: August 09 1934
Description: King Street facade of Arcade Building showing Madison Liquor store, 113 King; Capital City Bank, 111 King; Arcade Barbershop, 109 King; Charlier and Son je...

Kretlow's Barbershop

Date: December 28 1933
Description: Interior view of Kretlow's Barbershop, 109 W. Mifflin Street, with three barbers: left, "Duke" Ahern, center, Burt Bruce, and owner Ray Kretlow, standing n...

Barber at Bombed Barbershop

Date: November 09 1932
Description: Barber, Roland Thistle at his bombed barbershop, 707 University Avenue.

Gay Store Building

Date: September 01 1932
Description: Gay Store Building which houses Rhymer Groceries, 2606 Monroe Street, Wingra Home Bakery, 2608 Monroe Street, Wingra Barbers, 2612 Monroe Street, Gay Bros....

S.S. Kresge Variety Store

Date: February 21 1932
Description: S. Pinckney Street side of S.S. Kresge Variety Store, 25 E. Main Street from second building to freight door. Also shows a barber pole at John Gay Barber,...

Campus Soda Grill

Date: July 20 1927
Description: Campus Soda Grill, 714 State Street, and The Ray's Barber Shop, at 716 State Street.

Relaxing in the Barber Chair

Date: June 1971
Description: Barber Mike Godsell sitting back and relaxing in his shop.

100 Block State Street

Date: 1915
Description: 101-103 State Hook Brothers pianos; 105 State Findlay Flat Iron Building; 107 State Shiphe & Dorn grocers; 109 State Exclsior Shoe Store; 111 State Woman'...

Corner of the 200 Block of State Street

Date: 1927
Description: View of the south side of the 200 block of State Street with W.A. Blumer Chiropodist/Foot Specialist, P.H. Burbey Dentist, Rosmor Frocks and Barber Shop wi...

200 Block of State Street

Date: 1930
Description: Bull-Hites Company, Racine Tires, ice cream shop, and Ted Gunkel's Grand Barbershop on the corner of 201 State Street.

View of Sears, Roebuck and Co. Storefront

Date: 1929
Description: Storefront of Sears, Roebuck and Co. on State Street, with snow-covered streets and snow topped automobiles.

Interior Barber Shop

Date: 1874
Description: A highly decorated barber shop interior, possibly Wellman's, with a view of chairs, mirrors and a glass display case with cigars. In the back of the shop i...

Wellman's Barber Shop

Date: 1874
Description: A highly decorated barber shop interior, possibly Wellman's, with three barbers and three customers. Two men are about to get shaves. A glass display case,...

Black River Falls Barbershop

Date: 1895
Description: The interior of a barbershop with customers in chairs and barbers at work. Numerous mirrors, pictures, and lamps are hanging from the walls and ceiling.

J.W. Mason Hardware Store

Date: 1900
Description: View from across street of the J.W. Mason hardware store, next to a barbershop. A horse and buggy are driving past the store.

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