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House Party

Date: 12 1927
Description: "This scene can be dated by the homemade calendar under the wall clock. It is December of 1927. Farmers were prospering at that time, as was the rest of th...

Performers at UAW Christmas Party

Date: 12 13 1947
Description: Children of members of Local 75, United Automobile Workers (Seaman Body Company) performing at the union Christmas party. There are accordion players and a...

Lynn Fontanne and Alfred Lunt

Date: 1931
Description: Lynn Fontanne and Alfred Lunt in a scene from "Reunion in Vienna."

Moonlight Outing Club

Date: 07 04 1913
Description: Group of people known as the "Moonlight Outing Club" at Muskego Lake.

Italian Women's Mutual Society Banquet

Date: 02 23 1941
Description: "Jobo" Joe Puccio, leads the singing at the Italian Women's Mutual Society 7th anniversary banquet in the Italian Workingman's Club, 914 Regent Street, in ...

Musicians on Stage at Smitty's Hall

Date: 03 26 1946
Description: Three adult and two child musicians on stage with xylophone, harp, saxophone, accordion and piano at Smitty's Hall, for the grand opening program sponsored...

Milwaukee Railroad Service Club

Date: 09 24 1939
Description: Group portrait of Milwaukee Railroad Service Club convention in Crystal Ballroom of Loraine Hotel. A group people are in front posing with musical instrume...

Hard Times Party

Date: 06 13 1936
Description: Group portrait of Kroger employees in costume at a Hard Times Party, Schenk's Hall, 2028 Atwood Avenue. There is a man with an accordion in the background.

Accordion and Guitar Players

Date: 03 11 1936
Description: Man playing accordion and man playing guitar at the Town Club Tavern, located at 2501 Sherman Avenue.

West High School Students

Date: 05 20 1932
Description: Group portrait of West High School students (Phi Bi Chem ?) on a picnic at Olin Park. Three students are holding musical instruments.

Musicians at IH Farm Power Revue

Date: 09 1957
Description: Group of musicians performing at International Harvester's 1957-1958 Farm Power Revue exhibit at the World's Conservation Exposition and Plowing Contests, ...

Albert Wachuta

Date: 08 19 1941
Description: Albert Wachuta (b.1875?), singer of Bohemian songs with accordion.

Joe Yanksy, a One-Man Band

Date: 08 25 1946
Description: Joe Yansky (Bohemian), a one-man band with an accordion and drums.

Joe Yansky, a One-Man Band

Date: 08 25 1946
Description: Joe Yanksy (Bohemian), a one-man band with accordion and drums.

Otto Rindlisbacher and Accordion

Description: Musician and instrument maker Otto Rindlisbacher with button accordion.

Family Posed in Yard

Description: A man with an accordion, another man with a clay pipe, two women and two children are sitting around a table that has a knit cloth, a vase, a book, plants ...

Darlene Quinn

Date: 1936
Description: Darlene Quinn, a student at the Kehl School, poses with an accordion.

Group Posed around Frame House

Date: 1873
Description: A family is posed in front of a wood frame house. A boy or girl with a doll is sitting with a dog on the porch roof. A man holding an accordion is sitting ...

Family near Board Fence

Date: 1871
Description: Woodpile in right foreground, with family near board fence. There is a man holding an accordion, and a frame house in background. Two children are standing...

Family Standing in front of Wood Fence

Date: 1872
Description: Family in front of a wood fence with one man sitting on top of it. A woman holds a baby and child on small front porch of frame house behind. There is an a...

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