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D. Boon Cilled a Bar (Daniel Boone)

Description: A beech tree with the inscription, "D. Boon cilled a bar. 1760" carved into it. The tree was located up to the 1880s near Boone's Creek, Tennessee.
Magazine or Periodical

IH Refrigeration Takes Broad New Strides

Date: 01 1947
Description: Cover of International Harvester World magazine showing a woman standing next to an International Harvester freezer. International Harvester also ma...

International Harvester Stock Certificate

Date: 1906
Description: International Harvester Company stock trust certificate. American Bank Note Company
Map or Atlas

Spines of Crown Collection of American Maps

Date: 1908
Description: Five volumes of the Crown Collection of American Maps, plus an index, showing the spines of these books.

Country Life at Syene

Date: 01 1913
Description: Cover of manuscript keepsake souvenir scrapbook titled "Country Life at Syene."

Kitchen and Bathroom Scenes

Date: 01 1913
Description: Page from manuscript keepsake scrapbook containing an image of a kitchen stove and of a toilet.

Stockbridge and Munsee Indians Treaty, Page 1

Date: 01 08 1825
Description: The first page of the handwritten treaty between the Stockbridge and Munsee Indians.

Stockbridge and Munsee Indians Treaty, Page 2

Date: 01 08 1825
Description: The second page of the handwritten treaty between the Stockbridge and Munsee Indians.

Stockbridge and Munsee Indians Treaty, Page 3

Date: 01 08 1825
Description: The third page of the treaty between the Stockbridge and Munsee Indians.

Reasons Why You Should Use Co-operative-Made Goods

Date: 1887
Description: A list of nine reasons to use co-operative-made goods, entitled "Reasons Why You Should Use Co-operative-Made Goods in Preference To All Others". This was ...

To The Knights of Labor of America

Date: 04 29 1886
Description: A proposal to the Knights of Labor of America regarding organizing a Linen Collar and Cuff Manufactory.

Co-operative Fair

Date: 02 1886
Description: A formal announcement of a Co-operative Fair that was held in March of 1886.

Co-operative Collars and Cuffs

Date: 1887
Description: Advertisement for K. of L. Brand Co-operative Collars and Cuffs showing illustrations of collars. It includes the statement "The Only Union Made Collars".

Thomas Phillips

Description: A woodcut image of Thomas Phillips, the general president of the Boot and Shoe Workers International Union, accompanying his biography.
Book or Pamphlet

Advertisements for Knights of Labor Products

Date: 11 29 1888
Description: Advertisements for co-operative companies including Co-operative Collar and Cuff Company, Solidarity Watch Case Company and a tailoring company. They appea...
Map or Atlas

Wisconsin Map

Date: 1848
Description: In 1849, northern Wisconsin was composed of huge sectional regions such as Chippewa, Portage, Brown and Crawford, whereas southern Wisconsin was constitute...

Diary of Sgt. Charles Floyd

Date: 1804
Description: Front cover of the 55-page diary, from May 14 through August 17, 1804 written by Charles Floyd, a sergeant with the Lewis and Clark expedition.

International Harvester Paint Chart

Date: 1940
Description: This image is only available as an 8x10 print and is not available as a digital file.. Flyer containing paint chips for repainting International Har...

Letter of Gilbert Imlay

Date: 03 15 1783
Description: Letter written by Gilbert Imlay regarding Daniel Boone.

Letter to Daniel Boone

Date: 1786
Description: Body of a letter written by Gilbert Imlay to Colonel Daniel Boone.

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