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International Truck Carrying Clowns in Parade

Date: 1928
Description: International Model S speed truck carrying reindeer and men dressed as clowns, Eskimos, and Santa Claus during a winter parade. A blanket on reindeer reads...

International Harvester Cream Separator Exhibit

Date: 11 12 1927
Description: Exhibit of McCormick-Deering ball-bearing cream separators by International Harvester.

Baltimore Street Scene with Billboards

Date: 03 05 1929
Description: Sherwood Avenue lined with parked cars and billboards advertising "Esso," "Miller Bros." restaurant, "Wrigley's" chewing gum, "Koester's Honey Bread" and o...

Farm Equipment and Trucks in Farm Yard

Date: 08 08 1927
Description: Farm machinery stored in a farm yard, including a No. 8 harvester-thresher, a wagon, and two International trucks.

The Old Absinthe House

Date: 09 15 1928
Description: Street scene featuring the Old Absinthe House, a famous New Orleans establishment in the city's French Quarter. The building was built in 1806 by Pedro Fro...

Farmers Shelling Corn with Farmall Tractor

Date: 12 02 1926
Description: Two farmers shelling corn with a belt-driven McCormick corn sheller powered by a Farmall Regular tractor. Also in the farm yard are a McCormick-Deering wag...

Farmers Feeding Corn into Ensilage Cutter

Date: 12 02 1926
Description: Two farmers feeding corn stalks into an International Harvester ensilage cutter. In the background is a McCormick-Deering tractor.

Farmer Filling Manure Spreader

Date: 02 09 1911
Description: Farmer shoveling manure into the box of a horse-drawn International New Low manure spreader in a farm yard.

Farmers Threshing Grain

Date: 10 05 1928
Description: Elevated view of farmers threshing grain in a field with a belt-driven McCormick all-steel thresher run by a Farmall tractor. One person is working inside ...

McCormick-Deering Combine

Date: 11 21 1927
Description: View of right side of a McCormick-Deering combine (harvester-thresher) pulled by a Farmall tractor in a field. A man wearing a hat is driving the tractor.

Camera Crew Films Farmers Harvesting Corn

Date: 09 20 1928
Description: Camera crew from the Cloud County Farm Bureau filming farmers harvesting corn with a Farmall tractor. An International truck used by the crew is parked to ...

Circus Workers Giving Elephants a Drink

Date: 08 05 1927
Description: Two circus workers standing next to a water wagon pulled by a McCormick-Deering tractor. The men are providing water for three elephants outside the tents ...

Elephants Drinking from Wagon Pulled by McCormick-Deering Tractor

Date: 08 05 1927
Description: Elephants drinking water from a wagon pulled by a McCormick-Deering industrial tractor outside a circus tent belonging to the Sells-Floto Circus. Circus wo...

Photographer Capturing Repairmen at Work

Date: 11 09 1928
Description: View towards a photographer or an assistant holding a flashbulb as a photograph is taken of repairmen working on tractors in the shop of an International H...

Two Men Crouching in a Farm Field

Date: 09 12 1927
Description: Two men dressed in hats and ties are crouching down in a farm field to show the size of the plants. One of the men has a pipe in his mouth.

International Heavy-Duty Truck in Oil Fields

Date: 07 24 1929
Description: Men standing next to an International heavy-duty oil truck. Two delivery drivers from Barrington Transfer Company are in the cab of the truck. An oil well ...

Man and International Truck in front of Iowa State Capitol

Date: 06 19 1927
Description: Man posing with an International tour bus in front of the Iowa State Capitol building. The sign painted on the side of the bus reads: "Seeing the US."

International Payroll Truck

Date: 01 20 1927
Description: Men receiving paychecks from armored trucks parked outdoors at an IH plant. Signs on the trucks read: "Department of Finance, City of New York." A police o...

Woman on a Tractor in a Field

Date: 1928
Description: Elevated view of a woman in a field on a McCormick-Deering 15-30 or 10-20 tractor with attached disk harrow.

International Harvester Farm Equipment and Literature Exhibit

Date: 06 18 1927
Description: McCormick-Deering cream separators, farm equipment parts, accessories, advertising literature and posters arranged on a table, possibly for a state fair. A...

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