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First to Fly — Army Demonstration

Date: 09 17 1908
Description: Soldiers at Fort Myer, Virginia, watching Orville Wright demonstrate the Wright Brothers' airplane for the U.S. Army. Milwaukee's Billy Mitchell is said to...

First to Fly — Army Demonstration

Date: 09 1908
Description: Among the spectators present to watch Orville Wright's demonstration of the Wright Flyer at Fort Myer, Virginia, were Lt. Frank P. Lahm (left), one of the ...

Lindbergh Returns

Date: 06 13 1927
Description: Charles Lindbergh on board ship in New York Harbor. After flying to France in the "Spirit of St. Louis," Lindbergh returned to the United States by ship. H...

Sinking the Ostfriesland

Date: 07 21 1921
Description: One of the most important moments in the history of American aviation - the sinking of the captured German battleship "Ostfriesland" by American bombers of...

Atlantic-Crossing Airplanes

Date: 05 15 1919
Description: Navy seaplanes NC-1 and (in the foreground) NC-3 at Trepassay Bay, the jumping off point for the first attempt to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Not in the...

Air Race Program

Date: 1925
Description: Official program for the National Air Races, one of the early airplane races publicized by Harry Bruno and his partner, Richard Blythe. The Bruno Papers ar...

Atlantic Crossing Crew

Date: 05 19 1919
Description: The crew of NC-4 during their interim stop in the Azores: Left to right: Lt. Elmer Stone, Eugene Rhoades (machinists mate), Lt. Walter Hinton, Ensign H.C. ...

Hughes' Air Victory

Date: 07 14 1938
Description: Minutes after finishing their record-breaking flight around the world (in 7 hours and 28 minutes), Howard Hughes and the four aviators who flew with him we...

Curtiss Portrait

Description: Glenn Hammond Curtiss, whose reputation in American aviation is second only to the Wright Brothers. Some Curtiss defenders point out that he actually flew ...

Reliability Tours

Date: 09 1925
Description: Harry Bruno (second from the left), publicist for airplane builder Anthony Fokker, during the first Ford Air Reliability tour with Paul Smith, Bryce Goldsb...

Army Balloon

Date: 1904
Description: The first dirigible purchased by the U.S. Army and its builder, Thomas A. Baldwin.

Wright Flyer in England

Date: 1938
Description: After his "mistaken" trans-Atlantic flight to Great Britain, Douglas "Wrong Way" Corrigan visited the original 1903 Wright Flyer then on display at the Sci...

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