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Fire Company Invitation

Date: 02 04 1864
Description: Embossed invitation to the fourth masquerade ball of the Madison Fire Engine Company #2. The invitation depicts a fire fighter on a ladder carrying a woman...

Invitation to Fourth Annual Ball

Date: 1876
Description: Invitation to the annual ball at Turner Hall, sponsored by Madison's Andrew Proudfit Steam Fire Engine Company #2. The company, which was organized in 1870...

Wisconsin Railroad Car

Description: "The Wisconsin," a passenger car of the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad. This color illustration is from a dismantled scrapbook.

Hiawatha Brochure

Date: 1935
Description: Color brochure advertising the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Minneapolis Railroad's Hiawatha, the first streamlined steam locomotive. Hiawatha trains boas...

La Follette Handbill

Date: 1903
Description: Handbill advertising two lectures at the Monona Lake Assembly, near Madison in July 1903. First was a debate on "The Negro Problem" between Senator J.R. Bu...

Newhall House Menu

Date: 02 22 1860
Description: Menu for the Newhall House hotel in Milwaukee, extensively illustrated with an engraving of the hotel and prices. The Newhall House, during its day one of ...

May Party Invitation

Date: 05 02 1882
Description: Illustrated invitation to a May Party at Liederkranz Hall given by the Makers and Sawyers of Milwaukee. The invitation is illustrated in color with a horse...

New Year's Ball

Date: 01 01 1858
Description: Printed invitation to a New Year's Ball given at Weeden's Hotel in Neenah with music provided by Shattuck's Cotillion Band. The invitation is printed on em...

Military Ball Invitation

Date: 04 29 1882
Description: Printed invitation to the 2nd annual military ball of the Light Horse Squadron of Milwaukee. The invitation is printed in blue and gold and features illust...

State Fair Handbill

Date: 1929
Description: Printed color handbill that advertised the special events of the Wisconsin State Fair. The illustration shows a woman bearing a platter of produce.

Northern Highland Lodge

Description: Lodge interior at Northern Highland Lodge.

Old Timer's Resort Brochure

Date: 1910
Description: Cover of brochure for Old Timer's Resort (formerly Burke's Resort).

Savings Bank for Freedmen

Description: An advertising card for the National Freedmen's Savings & Trust Company, Norfolk, Virgina branch.

Wagon Industry Advertisement

Date: 1885
Description: Advertisement of the Hurlbut Manufacturing Company of Racine, the home of several wagon manufacturing firms during the 19th Century. Hurlbut began manufact...

48th Danish Colonial (Class) Lottery Ad

Date: 1930
Description: Image of a man seated at a desk reading a Western Union telegram informing him that he has won $200,000 in a lottery. Text reads, "Everyone is born to a ch...

Harvard College Lottery Ticket

Date: 1774
Description: Ticket for the Harvard College Lottery.

Georgia Lottery Ticket

Date: 1845
Description: Georgia Lottery ticket from 1845 authorized by the Legislature for the benefit of Fort Gained Academy.

Connecticut State Lottery Ticket

Date: 1826
Description: Connecticut State Lottery ticket for the benefit of the Bishop's Fund.

Pennsylvania Lottery Ticket

Date: 1795
Description: State of Pennsylvania Lottery ticket authorised by law to benefit the Schuylkill and Susquehanna, and Delaware and Schuylkill Canals.

Virginia State Lottery Ticket

Date: 1827
Description: Virginia State Lottery ticket for the benefit of the Dismal Swamp Canal Company.

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