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Trail Through Pines

Date: 1905
Description: Trail through the pines between Chippewa Falls and Long Lake, Chippewa County.

Staying Cool Outside

Date: 06 22 1983
Description: Woman stays cool by sitting in a small plastic pool while pouring cups of water on her head.


Date: 10 10 1977
Description: View down sidewalk of a skateboarder doing a handstand on a skateboard. Pedestrians are watching from the left.

Playing in Canoes on a Lake

Description: Two women try to knock each other off of their canoes while standing and swinging brooms at each other.

Water Skiing

Description: Woman skiing behind a boat, with a man in the foreground standing in the boat near a Johnson outboard motor.

Children Racing

Date: 07 10 1971
Description: Children in a foot race.

Raking Leaves

Date: 10 18 1984
Description: Young boy and girl make the autumn chore of leaf-raking fun.

Splash Party

Date: 08 01 1970
Description: To escape the heat, teenage girls have a water fight in the backyard pool they built.

Woman Aiming Gun

Date: 1906
Description: Woman in a dress and hat standing in a field and aiming a gun.

Back to the Barn

Date: 1976
Description: A woman walks down a country lane with two horses. There is snow on the road and trees on both sides of the lane are bare of leaves.

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