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Charleston Contest

Description: People stand in anticipation of a Charleston dancing contest.

Junior Prom

Date: 04 15 1910
Description: Elevated interior view of prom attendants assembled in a gym. Streamers are hanging from the ceiling. Some people are watching from the balcony.

Millie Rudella and Herman Comfort at Polish Fest

Date: 08 13 1989
Description: A man and a woman are dancing the polka. Caption reads: "Millie Rudella of Greendale and Herman Comfort of West Allis were among the many polka fans at Pol...

Junior Prom

Date: 04 15 1910
Description: Elevated view from stage towards a large group of young people in formal attire standing in a decorated gymnasium. People are also up in the balcony. Capti...

Dousman Derby Dancers

Date: 08 14 1989
Description: Three groups of people square dancing on a stage or platform. Caption reads: "OCONOMOWOC FESTIVAL — The Dousman Derby Dancers went through a square dance r...

Concertina Dancing Music

Date: 07 11 1985
Description: Several people, most of them women, dancing on a dance floor in front of a band on a stage. Caption reads: "CONCERTINA DANCING MUSIC — The woman outnumbere...

Will Ferderer Calling Square Dance

Date: 05 01 1989
Description: A man is speaking into a microphone in the foreground, while several people are dancing in the background. Caption reads: "The Clover Leaf Squares, a Menom...

"1865 Military Ball" at Old World Wisconsin

Date: 06 01 1989
Description: A costumed couple is dancing while four women in costumes are clapping their hands. Caption reads: "Dancers strutted their stuff at an '1865 Military Ball'...

Marine Dance

Date: 11 11 1958
Description: A man in uniform and a woman are standing together looking at each other; behind them is a cake on a table with frosting that reads: "U.S. Marines" and has...

The Bump

Date: 07 20 1977
Description: Two women dancing "the bump," wearing tank tops and jean shorts. One of the women's shirt reads "Handle With Care." Other people are in the background.

Unique Dance Group

Date: 05 22 1989
Description: Five dancers in vertical-striped overalls performing in front of an audience indoors. Caption reads: "Members of the Unique dance group perform at the Linc...

James Weber and Alison Newman

Date: 12 30 1956
Description: A man and a woman are smiling as they slow-dance. Caption reads: "Among the dancers at Tuesday's tea-dance were James Weber, N. Marietta Av., and Miss Alis...

Bella Bellegante and Wayne Beecher

Date: 04 26 1979
Description: A man and a woman are dancing in a school gymnasium, while teenagers are watching from the bleachers. Caption reads: "The Mary D. Bradford Senior High Scho...

Charles Denny and Minnie Rolin

Date: 11 29 1962
Description: A man and a woman are dancing, with other people dancing in the background. Caption reads: "Charles Denny showed his delight as he waltzed with a guest, Mr...

Two Dancing Couples

Date: 10 24 1966
Description: Two couples are dancing in a ballroom with full-length curtains in the background. Caption reads: "The dance music appealed to (from left) Mr. and Mrs. Jos...

"Flower Drum Song" Publicity Shot

Date: 07 22 1965
Description: Several actors, all of whom are white and are wearing "yellowface" makeup to caricature Asians, are either dancing or looking on. Caption reads: "The Chine...

Helen and Jim Alherton

Date: 05 25 1989
Description: A couple is dancing in the foreground while several people are dancing in the background. The woman is wearing a sweater with an M stitched to it. Caption ...

Benny's Basement Band

Date: 07 24 1981
Description: A group of people are dancing as a band on a stage is playing in the background. Caption reads: "Rock fans dance to the music of Benny's Basement Band at F...

Will Ferderer

Date: 05 01 1989
Description: Close-up of a man speaking into a microphone. Caption reads: "The Clover Leaf Squares, a Menomonee Falls group devoted to square dancing, honored one of th...

Ed Fernandez and Bernadette Davantes

Date: 04 13 1989
Description: A man and woman performing a dance over two bamboo poles. Caption reads: "Students from around the world brought their customs and culture to Marquette Uni...

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