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Gross Anatomy

Date: 1902
Description: Medical students dissect a cadaver at the Chicago College of Physicians and Surgeons, University of Illinois. Surnames on the students' aprons include: Cor...

Dissecting the Cadaver

Date: 1894
Description: Students surround a partially-dissected cadaver at the Chicago College of Dental Surgery.

Operating Theater

Date: 1902
Description: Dr. Nicholas Senn demonstrates surgical techniques at Rush Medical College.

Beating the Bug

Date: December 13 1968
Description: A firefighter gets a flu shot made available to city workers in the lobby of the municipal building to avoid contracting the Hong Kong flu.

Testing Lung Capacity

Date: January 21 1968
Description: A man exhales into a spirometer to measure his vital lung capacity while at rest.


Date: August 20 1984
Description: A pile of a variety of pain relievers in tablet and capsule form.

Stress Control Biofeedback Card

Date: August 10 1984
Description: Close-up of a person's finger pressing a card, which is a tool for determining stress level by pressing on the square on the front of the card.

Anatomy Lab

Date: 1900
Description: Cadavers are laid out on gurneys in a sky-lit anatomy lab at Rush Medical College.

Surgical Tools

Date: 1927
Description: Surgical instruments on display at the Wisconsin Historical Museum.

Optometrist's Office

Date: 1906
Description: View of an optometrist's office, with equipment and supplies awaiting a patient.

State Rehabilitation Camp at Lake Tomahawk

Description: Exterior of building at State Tuberculosis Rehabilitation Camp in Tomahawk Lake.

Wisconsin Anti-Tuberculosis Association Exhibit

Date: 1925
Description: Wisconsin Anti-Tuberculosis Association exhibit advertised in the storefront of a building in New London, Wisconsin. Two women are looking through the wind...

Anti-Tuberculosis Railway Exhibit

Date: 1906
Description: 1904 Exhibit of the Maryland Association for the Prevention and Relief of Tuberculosis, in a railway coach. Photograph taken in Milwaukee.

Anti-Tuberculosis Traveling Exhibit

Date: 1935
Description: Wisconsin Anti-Tuberculosis Association traveling health exhibit. Long bus with Tuberculosis information displayed and a crowd gathered.

Tuberculosis Christmas Seal Bond

Description: National Tuberculosis Association five dollar Christmas Seal bond certificate.

Construction of the Manitowoc County Courthouse

Date: 1907
Description: Exterior view of construction on the building. There are gentleman standing on the iron framework of the dome. The dome originally was encased in glass, an...

Girl in Iron Lung

Date: 1957
Description: A nurse holding a mirror so that the photographer can see the face of a girl in an iron lung. Hanging from the machine are a number of greeting cards. The...

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