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State Patrol Field Headquarters

Date: 1955
Description: State patrol officers line up beside their patrol cars at Old District 1 State Patrol Field Headquarters on Highway 12. They appear to be receiving instruc...

Police Women on the Beach

Date: 1922
Description: Caption below the illustration reads, "ON A CHICAGO BEACH in 1922 policewomen, patrolling the sands on behalf of morality, confront three offenders." Two p...

Police Officer on Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

Date: September 1929
Description: A police officer poses on the street, seated on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. He is dressed in his uniform with police badges on his jacket and hat. A si...

Wanted Poster

Date: 1920
Description: A paste-up of a wanted poster created to identify Frank Lambert and his aliases and crimes. A series of 14 poses of Lambert dressed in a suit and hat, smok...

Portrait of a Police Officer

Description: Three-quarter length studio portrait in front of a painted backdrop of a police officer in uniform.

Lunch in the Police Car

Date: 1954
Description: Patrolman Stanley Szczepanski eats lunch while sitting in his police car.

Police Accident Report

Date: October 16 1955
Description: Burkie West and his grandaughter Catherine West answer a police officer's questions after their automobile was hit by a train. Both incurred minor injuries...

Police with Riot Sticks

Description: Waukesha police recruits practice using riot sticks.

Marshall Taff, Maple Bluff

Description: A uniformed officer standing and posing with one leg on the running board of an automobile parked near a sign that reads: "Maple Bluff." He is wearing a Tr...

Madison Police Officers

Date: January 20 1968
Description: View of a group of uniformed officers are sitting in rows at desks with their hats set on the desktop in front of them. The closest officer has a Dane Traf...

Policemen Paint Injured Officer's Home

Date: August 18 1967
Description: Several men, many wearing T-shirts, are gathered on the lawn outside a house, with some men standing on ladders. One man is lying on the roof and painting...

Officer Rutowski and Figuaroa Sisters

Date: February 28 1958
Description: A uniformed police officer is handing a teddy bear to a young child, as another child is eating and smiling. Caption reads: "Wauwatosa's police station<...

First Woman Meter Maid

Date: June 11 1970
Description: A uniformed female officer writing in a book, as a uniformed male officer is smiling and looking on over her shoulder. A parking meter is in the foreground...

Checking on Charges of Inadequate Lighting

Date: July 15 1960
Description: Four men are standing in a room with dim lighting. Caption reads: " Checking on charges of inadequate lighting, a group of city officials Thursday v...

Sauk County Junior Deputy Sheriff Shooting Practice

Date: April 06 1968
Description: Two men assisting two children in firing guns. Caption reads: "Shooting on a rifle range is part of the program for the Sauk county junior deputy sheriff p...

Edward Evenson Plays Chess

Date: November 09 1960
Description: A uniformed police officer is sitting in a folding chair and moving pieces on a chessboard. Caption reads: "On duty Tuesday at the voting place in t...

Policemen Recovering from Knife Wounds

Date: December 05 1957
Description: A nun is handing a glass to a man in a bed. Another man — who has numerous stitches along the side of his face — is standing next to the bed. Caption reads...

Waukesha County Dragging Operation

Date: January 05 1955
Description: Elevated view of two people breaking ice with an ax and an ice breaking pole [a gaff?]; other people in the background are standing in a boat pushing poles...

1935 Buick Armored Car and Armed Officers

Date: 1935
Description: Four uniformed police officers holding guns are posing alongside a car, with two other men. A brick building behind them has a sign on the window that read...

Patrolman's Shack, Barron County

Description: View over tall plants towards a small building with windows and a door, as well as a smaller outbuilding on the right.

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