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Dane County Republican Women Meeting

Date: 1955
Description: Nine women are sitting around a table. Caption reads: "Pictured above is the meeting of the Dane County Republican Women, held Thursday at 10 a.m. in the L...

Walther Supporters

Date: 04 03 1968
Description: Many people are standing or sitting in a room with "Walther for Mayor" signs on the wall. Some are looking at a television in the foreground. Caption reads...

Senator Wiley Pours an Extra Glass

Date: 01 09 1956
Description: A man is pouring milk from a bottle into a glass, which is held by a boy who is winking at the camera. Caption reads: "Washington, D.C. -- Senator Alexande...

Toying with the Idea

Date: 06 30 1989
Description: Many people are sitting on folding chairs. An infant is sitting on a blanket on the floor next to them and playing with stacking cups. Caption reads: "TOYI...

Students for a Democratic Society Booth — Marquette University

Date: 10 22 1966
Description: A young man and woman are seated at a booth and speaking to one or more people who have their backs to the camera. Behind them is a sign that reads: "le bo...

Royal Trabbold

Date: 08 16 1962
Description: A man is standing among several seated men with his arm raised and pointing a finger. Caption reads: "Royal Trabbold, 4016 W. Calumet rd., pointed a...

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