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Al Smith and John Raskob

Date: October 28 1928
Description: Al Smith and his National Chairman John Raskob on the porch of the Raskob home.

Peace Through Victory

Date: January 19 1968
Description: Protesters, members of the Milwaukee Americans for Freedom, demonstrate against presidential candidate Eugene McCarthy and in favor of the Vietnam war.

Democrats for Goldwater

Date: October 28 1964
Description: Women representatives of Democrats for Goldwater from Central Wisconsin rally to support their candidate.

I Like Ike

Date: November 10 1956
Description: Bet winner and Eisenhower supporter Edwin L. Warner enjoys his payoff from bet loser and Adlai Stevenson backer John Shaat, as Shaat tows Warner along the...

Presidential Election Campaigning

Date: 1948
Description: Men ride in a convertible with campaign signs proclaiming, "We Want Truman," and "Vets for Eisenhower."

William Howard Taft, Our Next President

Date: 1908
Description: Portrait of William Howard Taft, used in his 1908 presidential election campaign.

Men at a Table

Date: 1957
Description: Men seated at a table at the Holiday Inn. From left to right are Harvey Abraham, Frank Panzer, Mac Arthur, Ed Murrow, Ned Hoebel, Nitschke, Maratz, Sphrech...

Republicans for McCarthy's Seat

Date: 1957
Description: After the death of Joseph R. McCarthy in May, 1957, seven Republicans ran in the special primary election. The most serious candidates were Congressman Gle...

Wisconsin Republican Convention

Date: May 04 1946
Description: The May 4-5, 1946 Wisconsin Republican Convention at Oshkosh, one of the most important meetings in the state party's history.

GOP Convention Delegates

Date: June 13 1952
Description: A group of Wisconsin Republicans, probably all supporters of the Presidential candidacy of Robert A. Taft, taken at the state convention in Milwaukee, June...

Truman Requests More Powers

Date: 1951
Description: A political cartoon in which a small Harry Truman wearing an oversized shoe is requesting more power of a man representing Congress.

Taft in a Glass

Date: 1908
Description: Humorous postcard designed by Elizabeth H. Bridgers of North Carolina in support of the Presidential candidacy of Republican William Howard Taft. Mrs. Bri...
Magazine or Periodical

The Democratic Convention at Cincinnati

Date: July 10 1880
Description: Large crowd of people in ter hall for the Democratic Convention at Cincinnati.

Campaign Rally for Thomas Edmund Dewey

Date: 1948
Description: Group of people, many holding signs, at a presidential rally for Thomas Edmund Dewey.
Magazine or Periodical

"Victory" for the Republican Party

Date: November 20 1880
Description: The United States presidential election of 1880 was largely seen as a referendum on the Republicans' relaxation of Reconstruction efforts in the southern s...

Tammany Hall Presidential Campaign

Date: November 08 1856
Description: Political drawing for the Democratic Presidential Campaign, which included Buchanan and Breckenridge.

Presidential Campaign Cartoon

Date: 1856
Description: Political cartoon for Presidential Campaign that is Pro-Fremont, anti-Buchanan. John C. Fremont, Republican, and his wife Jessie Benton Fremont, are shown...

Ikie Eisenhower Vill KEEP US Boys In Power

Date: 1952
Description: A two-sided, antisemitic card featuring "Ikie" Eisenhower on the left (with "IKIE" below) and a caricature of a Jewish man on the right (with "US" below)....

Admiring the GOP Mascot

Date: 1960
Description: Ralph H. Bonnell, delegate from the Republican Party of Massachusetts, admires the GOP mascot, an elephant, with another unidentified man at the Republican...

Governor Lucey Signs the Equal Rights Amendment

Date: 1975
Description: Several men and women watch as Governor Patrick Lucey signs the Equal Rights Amendment. Lloyd A. Barbee (left), Marlin Schneider, two unidentified people,...

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