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Eugenics Demonstration on Wall Street

Date: 10 27 1915
Description: Four impoverished men hired by "The Medical Review of Reviews" carry signs with the eugenics slogans, "I am a burden to myself and the State. Should I be a...

My Future Was. . . Farming

Date: 01 28 1985
Description: Farm family youth demonstrates to call awareness to the economic problems facing the family farm.

Picketers Protesting Economic Exploitation

Date: 11 18 1966
Description: Two men carry signs to protest exploitation of tenants who are members of Local 404 by their landlord who is manager of College Barber Shop.

The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword

Date: 1893
Description: Full-length studio photograph of Louis Brosemer wearing a suit and hat. He is standing before a United States flag holding an oversized pen as though it wa...

Student Nurse Susan Beckman

Date: 05 01 1971
Description: Susan Beckman, a student nurse at County General Hospital, carries a sign protesting the portrayal of nurses in a movie "The Student Nurses".

Sarnow-Galena Triangle March

Date: 07 21 1980
Description: View of several people marching and carrying signs, which read: "Milwaukee's Number 1 Home-Wr[ecker]," "We W[...] a Cle[...] And Sa[...] Place [...] Liv[.....

Skaters Want Rink Saved

Date: 02 20 1981
Description: Several boys in hockey uniforms are walking outside an entrance holding signs, which read: "We are not asking for the state to support us, we are just aski...

Students Seek Security

Date: 01 18 1971
Description: A group of young women are marching on the sidewalk in front of a building with a sign above the entrance that reads: "The Empire." One young woman has a s...

Bonnie Hame Protest

Date: 03 1961
Description: View across street towards several adults and children standing on the sidewalk holding signs, some of which read: "Have a Heart We Need a Home," "Who Will...

Waukesha County Peace Council Vigil

Date: 12 20 1983
Description: Several people standing together outdoors holding candles. Three people are wearing signs that read: "Waukesha County Peace Council," "PEACE and JUSTICE to...

Wauwatosa Cafeteria and Custodial Workers Protest

Date: 06 13 1968
Description: Several people are walking down a sidewalk carrying signs. Some of the signs read: "Tax Dollar Wasted by Tosa Board," "Wauwatosa School Board Unfair," and ...

Waukesha Firemen Picketing

Date: 08 20 1980
Description: Several people are standing or walking along a sidewalk. Some of the people are holding signs, one of which reads: "19 months without a contract." Caption ...

Skate-A-Way for ERA

Date: 10 23 1980
Description: Several women and children are walking, riding bicycles, or on roller skates. Some are carrying signs that read: "Equality of rights under the law shall no...

Franklin School District Teachers Picketing

Date: 09 11 1984
Description: Several men and women are standing outside a building, many holding signs. Among the signs are: "Quality Education for Children but No Control," "Action fo...

Carroll Students for Nuclear Freeze

Date: 1984
Description: Several college students are sitting on picnic tables under a canopy. They have hung a banner on the side that reads: "Carroll Students for Nuclear Freeze....

Farmer Protest

Date: 01 28 1985
Description: Close-up of two men who are sitting in a group of men and holding a sign which reads: "Farmers Have to Survive for Rural America to Stay Alive." A sign on ...

Checking In

Date: 10 18 1984
Description: A man, a woman, and four children are standing in front of building with an arch and columns. They are holding signs that read: "Can We Both LOVE Our Enemi...

Solidarity Day Rally

Date: 09 19 1981
Description: A crowd of people are gathered around a man standing center left and speaking into a microphone attached to a vehicle which has megaphones attached to its ...

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