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Cutters Protesting a Lockout

Date: 1933
Description: Cutters from the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America union picket a Reed Brothers Company lockout.

Postal Employees Demand Higher Wages

Date: August 1919
Description: View down long line of workers from the United States Postal Service demonstrating for an increase in salary to meet war-time cost of living increases.

Postal Employees Picket

Date: August 1919
Description: Postal workers demonstrate to demand salary increases to meet war-time cost of living increases.

Beer, Let's Make It!

Date: March 10 1959
Description: Close-up of Mrs. Edna Ann Vistart holding up a button bearing the slogan: "Beer, Let's Make It!"

I Will Win

Description: Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) poster with a drawing of a man standing with his sleeves rolled up and his arms crossed. There are industrial scenes...

Local Boilermakers and Helpers

Date: 1914
Description: Boilermakers and their helpers pose on and around a horse-drawn wagon that bears a sign that reads "Boiler-makers and Helpers," perhaps for a parade. Man o...

Plumbers and Pipefitters Union Outing

Date: August 27 1910
Description: A group portrait of members and families of the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry, Local 118. The g...

Pearl Buyers

Description: Probable group of pearl buyers posed curbside. The partial wall of the building behind the men has a window and the bricks are painted with an advertisemen...

Group Portrait; United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America

Date: 1910
Description: Interior group portrait of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, Local 1074 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Three rows of men with a flag...

Wisconsin State Federation of Labor Meeting

Date: July 1946
Description: Nine men are sitting around a table in an office, with books and papers in front of them. A caption identifies them as, from left to right: August Alles, P...

Electric Company Strike Negotiations

Date: December 30 1966
Description: Three men are sitting together at a table. The man in the middle appears to be writing on a document, while the man on his right is talking to him. Caption...

United Automobile Workers Christmas Party

Date: 1945
Description: View from the front of a theater towards children sitting in the audience. Standing in the aisle on the right is a man who is dressed as Santa Claus.

3rd Anniversary, Local #174 International Laundry Workers

Date: September 03 1937
Description: View of a large group of people sitting and standing in a large room. A floral bouquet and a curtain divider are in the foreground.

Albert Trostel & Sons Company Centennial Plaque

Date: September 17 1958
Description: Two men are standing outdoors and holding onto a plaque, which reads: "CONGRATULATIONS TO THE ALBERT TROSTEL & SONS COMPANY ON ITS 100TH ANNIVERSARY. WE, T...

Wisconsin State Federation of Labor Convention

Date: July 1912
Description: Group portrait of a large group of men who are wearing suits and hats posing in front of a building. The men are also wearing medals on their lapels.

Wisconsin Delegation to 56th American Federation of Labor Convention

Date: November 1936
Description: Group portrait of 22 people posing in front of a building. A caption on the back of the image identifies many of the people, though it does not seem to acc...

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