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John Gund Bottling Department

Date: 1890
Description: Brewery workers, posed in front of stacked beer barrels. Pictured (2nd row, far right) is Louis Schreiber (1861-1923) who immigrated to Wisconsin from Bava...

Workers at Schlitz Brewery

Date: 1947
Description: Elevated view of workers on the bottling line at the Schlitz Brewery.

Schmidt and Glade Brewers

Date: 1870
Description: Group portrait of workers, a young boy and a dog outside the Schmidt and Glade Brewery posing with tools and barrels.

Schlitz Atlas-Brau

Description: Advertisement for Schlitz Atlas-Brau with Atlas carrying the earth with a Schlitz label on his shoulders. Some text reads, "Ask for Schlitz. The Beer That...

Loading Blatz Beer

Date: August 31 1958
Description: Two men using a fork lift to load cases of beer into a truck at the Blatz brewery. The two men are Edward Klem, guiding the fork lift truck, and Frank Le B...

Miller Delivery Wagon

Description: Man standing in front of horse-drawn wagon loaded with barrels of beer from the Miller Brewery.

Schlitz Brew House

Description: View of the brew house of the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company. A man is standing in the background.

Fauerbach Brewing Company

Date: 1900
Description: An architectural rendering of the Fauerbach Brewing Company.

Beer Delivery

Date: September 03 1955
Description: Miller delivery man carrying a keg of Miller Beer on his shoulder.

Old Eagle Brewery

Date: September 1931
Description: Exterior view of the building used by Eagle Brewing.

Stork's Brewery

Date: 1910
Description: Postcard of the Stork Brewery facilities. The image includes the brewery buildings along a hillside and railroad tracks in the foreground. There is a sign...

Pabst Brewing Kettles

Date: 1955
Description: Postcard of the Pabst Brewery showing an elevated view of men working near the copper kettles in a vaulted room. There is a large, stained glass window on...

Hillsborough Brewery and Brickyard

Description: View looking down hill towards the buildings that make up the brickyard. Along the road between the brickyard and the brewery are a few men sitting in wago...

Kingsbury Brewing Company

Date: 1962
Description: View across road towards loading dock of the Kingsbury Brewing Company. Printed on the side of the building are two advertisements for Kingsbury Beer.

Miller Wagon and Truck

Date: 1939
Description: The Miller Brewing wagon, filled with barrels of beer, and a Miller delivery truck. The caption on the photograph reads "1855-1939".

Blatz Beer Sign at the State Line

Description: Large Blatz Beer sign on top of Gorski's Tower Restaurant at the Wisconsin state line. The sign reads: "Blatz Beer Milwaukee State Line."

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