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Service Truck Stuck in the Snow

Date: 1927
Description: A rural electric service man stuck in the snow while making his rounds during the winter of 1926-1927 despite the fact that his Ford truck was mounted on r...

Changing a Tire

Date: 1923
Description: Tire blowouts were a frequent hazard of early automobile travel.

Boy at Rootbeer Stand

Date: 1953
Description: Young boy with a rootbeer float moustache standing in the parking lot of a rootbeer stand.

Not Street Legal

Date: August 31 1957
Description: Milwaukee police Sergeant Edward Daily explains to Leland Bryan that his Roadable Aircraft, a combination airplane and automobile, may not be driven on Mil...

Ruth Wyerstad and Dave Onderdonk

Date: June 10 1957
Description: A young woman and man are resting on their stomachs on cushions in the open back of a station wagon. Caption reads: "Miss Ruth Wyerstad, 1914 E. Edgewood A...

Washing his Car

Date: June 15 1958
Description: A man is spraying his car's front tire rim with a hose, as a younger man is washing the windshield. Caption reads: "Washing his car, Mr. Harger enli...

A Close Look

Date: June 29 1989
Description: Two boys and a man are looking into the cockpit of a race car. Caption reads: "A CLOSE LOOK — David Berner (left), 11, of West Allis, and Jay Gmeindl, 9, o...

Earl G. Scherbert

Date: April 28 1958
Description: A man is sitting on the rear of a toy car, which is being driven by a girl. Several children are walking alongside the car. Caption reads: "The most pop...

Quentin and Winfield Krafka

Date: July 30 1961
Description: Two man are holding part of the framework for a car chassis, which is set on sawhorses and is being disassembled. Caption reads: "Bare bones are all...

Group of People Posing in Automobile

Description: Tintype group portrait of three men and three women sitting in an open automobile. Two of the men are holding bottles in their hand. The sign on the front...

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