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Woman in Kitchen

Description: Composite photograph/painting of a woman standing and pouring (fake) water into a cracked basin, with the water spilling onto the floor.

Flipping Pancakes

Date: June 11 1989
Description: Man flipping pancakes at "farm breakfast" as part of "June is Dairy Month" promotion in Washington County.

Making Buckwheat Pancakes

Date: September 13 1949
Description: Elderly woman making pancakes on griddle at wood burning stove.

Hotdog Cookout

Date: May 15 1965
Description: Girl Scouts cooking hotdogs over an open fire. The Great Blue Heron council weekend campout was held at Hartland Sportsman's Club grounds.


Date: October 13 1980
Description: Empty cafeteria in state office building.

Woman with Blender

Date: March 18 1955
Description: Woman stirring the contents of an Osterizer blender that is sitting on the stove.

Roasting Chickens

Date: January 23 1957
Description: A man clad in a chef's apron tests a pan of chicken for doneness.

Fancy Wedding Cake

Date: June 26 1955
Description: Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Braatz top off the 26-layer wedding cake that Mrs. Braatz made for their daughter's wedding.

Prizewinning Pie

Date: August 17 1957
Description: Fourteen-year-old Dorothy Magarich proudly displays her pie that won a blue ribbon at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Making Sandbakalese

Date: November 23 1955
Description: Mrs. Kenneth Jothen, Mrs. Hart Sorum, and Mrs. Gordon Steldt making sanbakalese, or sand tarts, a Norwegian dessert for the Augustana Evangelical Lutheran...

Students in Kitchen Classroom, Roosevelt Junior High

Description: Elevated view of students in a home economics kitchen classroom at Roosevelt Junior High.

Mixing Dough for Puerto Rican Pasteles

Date: December 08 1966
Description: A woman is pressing her hands into dough in a large pot while another woman is looking on. Other containers are on the table, and at least one includes cho...

Displaying Cupcakes

Date: December 09 1965
Description: A woman is smiling and is holding up a tray of decorated cupcakes. In front of her is a table holding several wrapped plates of cookies and a box with bagg...

Miss Kay Bossman

Date: December 01 1967
Description: A woman is pressing a cookie cutter into rolled dough at a kitchen counter. Around her are cookie cutters, a rolling pin, and cookies on a cooling rack. A...

Suzy Michel and Nicholas Appleby

Date: September 21 1989
Description: A woman is helping a boy pour an ingredient from a measuring spoon into a mixing bowl. Next to the bowl is a recipe for Spiced Apple Muffinettes. Caption r...

Fran and Samuel Kozel

Date: September 21 1989
Description: A woman is holding a boy who is scooping an ingredient out of a container into a mixing bowl. Caption reads: "Fran Kozel and her son, Samuel, 2, measured c...

Tantalizing Odors

Date: November 20 1966
Description: Two women are standing in a kitchen. One woman is standing behind a butcher block counter rolling out dough with a rolling pin, along with bowls of ingredi...

Clara Olson Making Lefse

Description: A woman is rolling dough with a rolling pin while standing at a table. On the opposite end of the table are several stacked flat lefse. Caption reads: "Mrs...

Chef Paul Golde

Date: March 28 1956
Description: A man in a chef's uniform is preparing a row of shrimp along a cooked salmon on a platter. Caption reads: "A salmon dish decorated with shrimp by Chef Paul...

Fred Derr and Dan Buretta

Date: September 18 1984
Description: A man is stirring food in a pot, while another man is trying a spoonful of it. A variety of bottles and cans are on the table near the pot. A connected new...

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