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Walking and Talking Robot

Date: 02 15 1957
Description: John Fischer, age 11, demonstrates his invention, a "walking and talking" robot. The robot's eyes light up, and it rolls back and forth on a platform.

Meeting "Happy Tooth"

Date: 04 24 1989
Description: Children meet "Happy Tooth", a robot sponsored by Colgate toothpaste on a 30-state tour to promote dental hygiene to young school children.

Electric Hair

Date: 01 10 1966
Description: Gail Lukas' hair stands on end when she places her hand on a Van de Graalf generator in a demonstration by the Atomic Energy Commission for junior high sch...

Watching the Monitor

Date: 04 11 1986
Description: Schoolgirl watches the monitor as she types her story on a word processor.

Double Wedding

Date: 01 17 1980
Description: High school students stage a mock double wedding in their Family Living class.

Atomic Energy

Description: Students and teacher in classroom demonstrating an experiment with atomic energy.

Classroom Cave People

Date: 02 27 1984
Description: A sixth grade class dresses up as cave people to experience the likeness of living in pre-historic times.

Mock Convention

Date: 11 01 1968
Description: A mock presidential political convention at a middle school.

Family Cast

Date: 02 12 1963
Description: Six members of the same family form the complete cast of a library playhouse production that was to be televised.

Renaissance Faire

Date: 1909
Description: A group of people dressed up in medieval-style clothing.

Child at Library

Date: 10 09 1961
Description: A girl enjoys a book at the library.

19th Century Dorm Room

Date: 05 1899
Description: A student studies in his dorm room.

Children Poster Display

Date: 05 19 1969
Description: Four children hold up their winning posters for a competition in a class.

Transportation Safety for Children

Date: 06 17 1986
Description: A group of children on "hot cycles," a form of young children's transportation, are being instructed on the rules of pedestrian and bicycle transportation ...

School Project

Date: 04 22 1967
Description: Two junior high students work on a project that requires making a vocal recording.

First Graders

Date: 06 01 1989
Description: First graders writing and drawing while lying on the floor.

Kids with Calculator

Date: 05 19 1989
Description: Two young boys in a grocery store figuring out prices of food with a calculator.

Dancing Boys

Date: 04 22 1963
Description: Group of four boys in Bavarian costume performing a Bavarian folk dance.

Cooking Class in the Kitchen

Date: 11 08 1984
Description: Students prepare a curried beef dinner in a Waukesha County Technical Institute cooking class led by Juanita Decker (right, in chef's hat).

Students Tour Hospital Delivery Room

Date: 01 23 1968
Description: Students wearing face masks and sterile gowns visit the delivery room at Doctors Hospital as part of a family living class. The student on the right who is...

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