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Father Reading to Son

Date: December 28 1981
Description: Father reading "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" by Mark Twain to his son.

Father Towing his Son

Date: March 27 1989
Description: Father on a bicycle towing son on a scooter.

Father and Infant Son

Date: March 28 1989
Description: Infant son holds father's finger.

Mowing the Lawn with Baby

Date: May 05 1985
Description: Father carrying his infant son on his back while mowing the lawn.

Archery Practice

Date: September 20 1988
Description: A father gives his young son archery pointers in Kletzsch Park while his daughter looks on.

Father and Child Wading in River

Description: A father and young child are wading in a river.

Child in Stroller

Date: 1952
Description: Man, seen from waist down, pushing a small girl in a stroller in Vilas Park. He is carrying a camera in his right hand.

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